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Top Surgeons in India - IVF

Surgery in India is attracting over a million patients every year and has made India a popular destination for different types of surgeries. These are offered at the most reasonable and attractive price with extremely high standards of quality care by the best surgeons of India. Patients experience considerable waiting times for their treatment and surgery in their own country and look for medical treatment options abroad. People who seek medical treatment and facilities which is either unavailable in their country or is highly expensive and unaffordable are attracted by the benefits of low cost treatment in India.

Indian Med Guru is a premier medical value provider in India, which offers the top surgeons in the world in your medical health care journey. We offer a complete  range of surgical care which includes cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, organ transplantation, plastic and reconstructive surgery, surgical treatment of cancer, unique treatments for pancreas, liver diseases and general surgery, endocrine surgery, neurosurgery, podiatric surgery, vascular surgery, urology, transplant surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery and much more.

Medical Tourism Industry in India is receiving a right mix of support from both private sector and government fulfilling all the medical needs and requirement to lure foreign patients to come to India for their treatment and surgery. However, the second most important reason other than cost that has helped in increasing the popularity of medical tourism in India are its top ranked talented surgeons whose hard work, skills and huge success has equally played their part in promoting medical and health tourism in India. World’s most skilled, experienced and knowledgeable surgeons are now in India of working in highly advanced hospitals in USA and Europe.

It is very important for the patient to know and understand treatment options; at Indian Med Guru we select the best surgeons of India for our patients who evaluate all the surgical and non-surgical options with them. We help you in selecting the best surgeon of India that suits your specific requirement and coordinate further for medical consultation and assistance. We encourage you to consider your treatment options carefully, so you can make a wise decision under the guidance of our skilled surgeons. The top surgeons in the world at Indian Med Guru very well understand the apprehensions many people have before surgery. The experience, compassion and expertise of all our surgeons assure them that they are in safe hands.

Indian Med Guru is one of the oldest medical value provider having affiliations with various hospitals widely known for their state- of -the- art amenities and sophisticated infrastructure. The hospitals are spread over more than 15 cities of India and with more than 5,000 healthcare specialists. The best surgeons in the world who will be looking into your specific requirement are internationally trained and have gathered years of experience with knowledge of the most advanced technology. Every surgeon is committed is to deliver unparalleled, fully integrated service to our patients.

Indian Med Guru looks after each and every requirement of the patient when they choose us for their medical care. We book your surgery with the best surgeon of India, securely transfer your medical records, provide help with booking your flight and arrange your private transportation, arrange a mobile phone number on your arrival, provide you with a VIP concierge service for the complete trip with 24 hour support.

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