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Best Scoliosis Surgeon in Delhi India

“I am from Tanzania and I came for my Scoliosis Surgery in India from the Best Scoliosis Surgeon at Delhi in India. I want to express my gratitude to Indianmedguru Consultants and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for all they have done for me by providing such good health recovery services for my surgery in India.

The Consultants of this healthcare group have restored the quality of life and good health to me. I don’t know when I developed Scoliosis and I was not able to do my work, I began to experience frightful pain in my back. Before my surgery from the Best Scoliosis Surgeon at Delhi in India I had problems like spinal curvature, sideways curvature of the spine, one of my shoulders appeared to be elevated and my muscles ached. Due to this I was not able to do much work and was not able to lead a normal life. I was not able to find a good doctor for Scoliosis treatment in Tanzania. My relative recommended me the name of Dr. Bojwani and he answered all doubts of mine and arranged the Best Scoliosis Surgeon at Delhi in India for me to get recovery from Scoliosis disorder. The quality of medical treatment that I got in India was of international standard and I was able to save good money which would have not been possible if I had gone to Europe or USA for treatment. After my surgery I am feeling so comfortable and I don’t have any pain in my body. The main reason for this is that good surgical expertise and high quality medications were used by the Indian doctors who were so hard working. The Indianmedguru team took good care to give me a luxurious stay in India until my final departure. Thanks to Dr. Bojwani and Indianmedguru to make my stay comfortable during my treatment from the Best Scoliosis Surgeon at Delhi in India.”

Mrs. Rose

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