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Mr. Hussain, Maldives
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Mr. Hussain, Maldives
ASD Heart Surgery
Apollo Chennai ASD Surgery India

I am Hussain from Mauritius. I came for my ASD Surgery in Apollo Chennai India. I was looking for surgeons in my own country that can provide me the best medical treatment and facilities for my ASD Surgery. But, due to the lack of good medical facilities I was not able to find the best for me. Then I started looking on the internet to say if I can find someone who can help to get my ASD Surgery with the best medical facilities. Then I found Indianmedguru. I submitted my query over the website. I was happy to see the real fast replies from the company. During my conversation with the company, I was not very much sure that I want to get my surgery through them in India. But, after having a brief discussion with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani regarding my surgery in Apollo Chennai in India. I was known about the facilities in Apollo hospital. I completed all the formalities and got my ASD Surgery arranged in Apollo Chennai India. I am very happy with the services I got for my surgery. I am very happy with the treatment I got. I want to thank Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his crew with the Apollo hospital Chennai for their help and support in providing the best treatment for my surgery in India.

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