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Cost Effective Ewing’s Sarcoma Surgery in Hyderabad India

“My life became far better after I got a Cost Effective Ewing’s Sarcoma surgery at Hyderabad in India. It was the care and medical expertise of Indianmedguru that I got the best kind of medical services in India from reputed doctors.

Before my surgery it was really troublesome to tolerate the pain in my pelvis and legs. Before my Ewing’s Sarcoma surgery in India I had to suffer from many problems like pelvis pain, pelvis swelling, arm pain, arm swelling, arm tenderness, leg pain, leg swelling, leg tenderness and bone pain, etc. I wanted a treatment but the cost was high and I had no insurance cover, after referring to my available resources I came across Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his Indianmedguru medical staff who after studying my medical case offered me to provide Ewing’s Sarcoma surgery at Hyderabad in India I had got a quick response from them right from making the first email to them, with all the information related to my surgery in India. They were very much concerned about my surgery. On my arrival to the Indian hospital Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and other Indian doctors made me hospitalized at a comfortable medical recovery room having all patient facilities and that made me more confident about my recovery. The doctors employed the most sophisticated medical technology during my Ewing’s Sarcoma surgery at Hyderabad in India and that made my treatment a great success. Indian is a fine destination for all those who are seeking medical treatment in abroad as here one gets low cost benefit with an international quality healthcare. After my surgery now I am able to walk properly and live my life more happily. Now my life has become normal and a healthy one and I am able to do whatever I wish to do. I want to thank the Indian doctors for providing me such good medical services for my Ewing’s Sarcoma surgery at Hyderabad in India and I wish special best regards and thanks to Dr. Bojwani for having cared for me so much during my treatment in India.”

Mr. Lawrence

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