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Cost Effective Salivary Gland Cancer Surgery India

I am Yashin from Mauritius. I recovered from Salivary Gland Cancer surgery with a Cost Effective Salivary Gland Cancer Surgery in India through Indianmedguru Consultants. I was having so many problems, sometimes it used to pain on my face and I was not able to sleep at night and I had also developed a cheek lump.

So I went to the local doctor in my country and was informed that I was suffering from Salivary Gland Cancer and that was the reason for my health problems and the doctor told me that I should get my surgery done immediately here but I thought that I will not get the best quality medical services in my country but here doctors who provide good medical services charged a very high fee. So I was looking for a good alternative was told that the best and cost effective healthcare providers were in India as I have heard that good quality services are provided in India at a very affordable cost, So I searched on the internet and came across Indianmedguru Consultants and after forwarding my case details I got into conversation with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant of the medical tourism company I started gaining faith in them due to their quick response and as they were very concerned about my surgery and then I came to India for my Cost Effective Salivary Gland Cancer Surgery in India with a fantastic medical hospitalization arrangement provided to me by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. After getting Salivary Gland Cancer surgery in India I was happy to see my recovery at such a fast pace. It was the good quality care and concern of the Indian medical staff and kindness and assistance of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani that I am fit and fine today. The Indian surgeon made a post surgery checkup and gave me some prescribed medications for a week and told me that I would recover soon and it has now come to be true. My life is now full with happiness once again. I want to thank the doctor and his team for providing me the best of his medical services and assistance for my Cost Effective Salivary Gland Cancer Surgery in India.

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