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Mrs. Hussain, Tanzania
Cosmetic Surgery

Mrs. Hussain, Tanzania
Cosmetic Surgery
Experience of an international patient with cosmetic surgeons at Chennai in India

This testimonial of international patient Mrs. Hussain from Tanzania reveals her experience of surgery from the Cosmetic surgeons at Chennai in India. Mrs. Hussain said “I came for my cosmetic surgery in India. I was very much depressed with my obesity. I wanted to look much younger than my age. I was in search of low cost cosmetic surgery that could help me of getting rid of it. I came to know about Indianmedguru Consultants. I searched their website on the net and collected all the information related to the registration process of getting a medical trip to India the cost of surgery packages given on the website assured 45 % money savings as compared to other global destinations. After that I contacted Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant of Indian Medguru and send him all my case details via email. He told me that he could arrange me treatment from one of his best Cosmetic surgeons at Chennai in India at an affordable price. So, I decided to have my cosmetic surgery by Indianmedguru consultants. They were very much concerned about my case. This made me more impressed. I flew to India with my cousin. We were received a warm welcome at the airport by Indianmedguru consultants. I met Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani who was a very interesting person and a hard working devoted medical professional. We were directly transferred to the hospital and met our cosmetic surgeon there who was well experienced. My first experience with the Cosmetic surgeons at Chennai in India was really fabulous. They conducted my surgery in a professional manner with the greatest care I felt totally relaxed and the Indian medical staff used the latest technology for complete makeover. I saw many before and after surgery photos of some ex patients of the hospital and they displayed a considerable improvement after their cosmetic surgery in India. The atmosphere within the surgery was very relaxing and comfortable, the facilities and equipment were of top class as with the international hygienic standards. After the surgery I was feeling like a new person. I was appreciated by everyone for my new and beautiful look. The experience I got during my cosmetic makeover from the Cosmetic surgeons at Chennai in India was really very nice and now I have got an improved look, now I feel confident and my inner beauty shines in my personality. Though being an international patient, I got a very friendly atmosphere in India I express my gratefulness to Indianmedguru consultants and Dr.Bojwani as they had improved my looks and boosted my confidence and have carried out a fantastic work.

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