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Mr. Victor, Kenya

Mr. Victor, Kenya
Foreign Patient for Cheap Urosurgery at Hopsital of Delhi in India

“My name is Victor and I live in Kenya. It was a great pleasure to get health recovery with a Cheap Urosurgery at a hospital of Delhi in India. After months of attending medical seminars, checking the Internet, and asking lots of questions, I heard about Indianmedguru in India. I got a medical consultation with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant of Indian Medguru and this brought me to India for getting Urosurgery. He answered in detail every question that I asked him. He did not try to “sell” me the merits of getting medical treatment in India. He simply gave me the facts and reliable cost saving options to make my own decision for my Cheap Urosurgery at a hospital of Delhi in India. I was impressed with his concern and care that he and his entire staff showed towards me. It was his generosity to send his team members to pick me up at the airport and be with me during my medical appointment with the doctor and Dr. Bojwani himself talked to the recommended doctor about my case details and got me hospitalized at a well furnished patient care room. Members of the hospital including the doctor seemed to be recognized as the best in the country and it was evident with their medical expertise. Everything went in a right way as the medical surgery dates of my Cheap Urosurgery at a hospital of Delhi in India were scheduled in advance My surgery was done after two days of my medical stay and it got completed smoothly without any complication as my doctor followed the latest guidelines of healthcare protocols. My surgeons continued to provide me a perfect post surgery stay at the hospital with 24/7 hours of care and support. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Bojwani and his team for supporting me so well during my Cheap Urosurgery at a hospital of Delhi in India.”


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