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Canada Patient's Dental full mouth Implant surgery in Delhi India

Mrs. Tammy, Canada
Dental Treatment

I am Tammy from Canada. I first came for my 1st stage of full mouth dental implants Surgery in Delhi India around six months back. I was very happy with the dental treatment I got with the help of Indianmedguru Consultants. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani truly went and extra mile to get me the best possible dental services for my surgery. I got the best treatment in India. Professionalism is what I appreciate for Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. He is very prompt while answering; he made me very much comfortable with getting my Surgery in Delhi India. I located Dr Bojwani’s company on the internet when I came six months back. What I liked the most was the gentle systematic approach and the prompt and rapid replies from the company. I could have got my surgery done in any part of the world but, after coming across to them the thing that made me stop was the facilities and services they promised to offer me.

After 1st stage of my full mouth dental implants surgery at Delhi, India. I was very happy with the result. And now as I came back for my second stage of the surgery, due to the best facilities and excellent results on me, I got my two sisters to get the surgery done as well through Indianmedguru. The reason of my sisters getting the full mouth dental implants at such a small age is that both of them were having congenitally absent teeth. So, I want them to get the full mouth dental implants surgery in Delhi India done. I am very happy with the treatment three of us got for our Full mouth Dental Implants in Delhi India.

It was all very easy. All the best arrangement for our surgery was made for us. We just need to pack our bags and take the flight to India. I want to thank Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his team for their help and support in arranging the best dental facilities for our Full Mouth Dental Implants surgery in Delhi India.

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