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Elizabeth, Dallas
Obesity Surgery (Gastric Sleeve)

Elizabeth, Dallas
Obesity Surgery (Gastric Sleeve)
Elizabeth from USA who underwent Obesity surgery in India.

I am Elizabeth fro USA and I came for my obesity surgery in India. For the first time in many years, I feel that I am really living my life instead of just existing. My health is so much better. I'm no longer a borderline diabetic. All of the important health indicators: blood pressure, cholesterol, protein and mineral levels etc are well within normal limits. I no longer get short of breath climbing stairs or playing golf.

The day-to-day tasks such as fitting into a bathtub, tying my shoes, clipping my toe nails for instance are no longer an effort or embarrassment to me. I am able to engage in normal activities such as fitting into a booth in a restaurant, fastening my seat belt, crossing my legs... I could go on and on, these are all quite minor things in my life today but they were once insurmountable! This is all because of my obesity surgery in India through indianmedguru in the best obesity surgery hospital and with the best obesity surgeon in India associated to indianmedguru.

I'm also doing new things I never thought possible! I can go on amusement rides, go swimming and wear a bathing suit without a tee-shirt cover up and I can garden, bending over without a second thought. At my top weight, I recall kneeling down and literally being unable to pull myself back up!

I will always be grateful to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for starting this program at the best obesity surgery hospital with the best obesity surgeon in India and for giving me my life back. He is truly a gifted international patient consultant and a caring, compassionate man. My only regret is that this surgery wasn't available to me when I was 30 or even 40, but I am living my life now and that is all that matters. I have the philosophy that you should live for today because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Now, I am truly living not merely existing and hiding under layers of fat after my obesity surgery in India and I want to mention that I got my surgery done in the best obesity surgery hospital and with the best obesity surgeon in India. And this was all possible because of indianmedguru.

My hope is that anyone considering this surgery will take a long look at their current health and quality of life. I have never doubted my decision for one minute. These past days have been truly amazing and I am looking forward to many more amazing days and years to come!

Thanks for Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and the whole team of indianmedguru and best wishes to you.

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