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IVF & Genetic Center, Jabalpur, MP, India
An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Fertility Clinic, India

Central India's state of the art centre for Assisted conception and Prenatal diagnosis by DNA.

It is our belief that properly informed, you can become an active participant in your healthcare and make better choices. It is the goal of our physicians and IVF laboratory team to provide you with the latest women's healthcare innovations to address infertility, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

We are two persons working at Ideal Fertility as specialist with dedicated nursing staff.

Dr. D’Pankar Banerji a qualified Gynecologist working as Infertility Specialist and doing : Consultaions, Downregulation of the patients for IVF/ICSI, Ultrasound scans, Interventional sonography, egg pickups and embryo transfer.

Dr. Mrs. Rinku Banerji, a qualified pathologist working as a dedicated embryologist and doing : Egg handling, IVF and ICSI procedures in lab, sperm processing, sperm and embryo freezing.

We provide all required services under one roof for IVF and ICSI cycles. You don’t have to run at various places for scanning, lab tests, pickup and embryo transfer. There are no other specialists involved in fertility care except, Dr. D’Pankar Banerji, who prepares the patients for IVF and does the oocyte pickup and embryo transfer and Dr. Mrs. Rinku Banerji as an embryologist. We both are always available for our patients through out the year and directly interact with the infertile couples, for their counseling and answering their different queries.

As we are self sufficient, hence our charges for IVF and ICSI are very low compared to other fertility centers. We do a package deal for whole cycle and there is no hidden costs like lab charges,consultations,blood tests etc. Cost of one IVF cycle at our clinic is US $ 1700 and a cycle for IVF with ICSI costs US $ 2000.

Again, it is a package deal and it includes :
  • All blood tests
  • All ultrasound scans
  • Operating room charges for Oocyte collection
  • Hospital charges
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees
  • All consultations with Infertility specialist
  • Embryo transfer
  • IVF laboratory charges.

Drugs used for either IVF or IVF with ICSI will cost around US $ 850 for superovulating one cycle.

Thus the total cost for IVF will be around US $ 2350 and for IVF with ICSI , it will be around US $ 2450 !!!!!!!!!!

( compare it with any center in the world )

You might wonder, How we can provide this high end treatment at such a lower cost ?

The answer is: Because our expectations are less and drugs here in India are cheaper. But to assure you, we are with same international brand equipments and disposables. There is no compromise with quality of treatment offered. Our lab is equipped with high end CO2 incubators of different international make (GenX USA and RS biotech UK), Stereozoom microscope from Lieca,Germany, Inverted microscope from NIKON, Japan and Micromanipulators from Narishige with Stage warmer from Lincom, U.K.

We do songropahy with a high end machine with color Doppler facility from GE, USA. Oocyte pickup is done in a very good quality operating room, under the supervision of a qualified anesthesiologist. The disposables we use are of international brand. The oocyte pickup needles are from Cook, Australia, Embryo transfer catheters are either from Wallace or Cook. The culture media we are using is from Cook IVF ,Australia, culture dishes and the test tubes are from Becton Dickinson,USA.

We have achieved comparatively high pregnancy rate..The reason behind this, is our dedicated and whole hearted efforts and transferring more embryos. We believe in producing less number of good quality embryos and transferring them ,and if possible go for blastocyst transfer.

How you can reach us?

Our center is located in the central part of India. Jabalpur can be reached by air from our national capital New Delhi directly. Or you can come to Nagpur and three hour drive by a cab. We can help you in making your travel plans. For any IVF cycle it requires a stay and that is around 15 days. For accommodations ,there are good hotels around us (again ,not very costly). As IVF is a day care practice, you don’t require any hospital stay. It requires 4-6 visits during IVF treatment to the center. Hence you can utilize your stay in touring and sight seeing. It reduces the stress and breaks the monotony. There are very good tourist places like temples of Khajuraho,National wild life sanctuaries ( Kanha and Bandhavgarh, famous for the tigers)

As the place is small you will love this stay and hospitality. After embryo transfer you can fly back home.

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