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Surrogate Treatment

The surrogate mother will be prescribed medication to prepare her uterus for the embryo transfer. During the treatment, ultrasound examinations and laboratory tests are preformed to follow the condition of the uterus. As a surrogate, you must be available to go to the physician's office every other day, sometimes everyday, for follow up examinations.

On the day of the embryo transfer, the physician will transfer the embryos into the uterus by passing a thin embryo-transfer catheter through the cervix. This procedure is similar to a pap smear and is generally quick and painless. The number of embryos transferred will vary. Usually, multiple embryos are transferred to increase the probability of success. The goal is to achieve a successful pregnancy but avoid a multiple pregnancy.

A blood pregnancy test is scheduled approximately two weeks after the embryo transfer. An ultrasound is done approximately two weeks after a positive pregnancy test.

The IVF physician will follow up with the surrogate mother during the first three months of gestation. After that, the surrogate mother will receive her care from an obstetrician.

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