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Vasectomy provides permanent contraception for men who decide they do they will not want more children. It is a safe, simple and quick surgical procedure and can be done in a clinic or office with proper infection prevention procedures. It is not castration, and does not affect the testes, and it does not affect sexual ability.

The doctor makes a small opening in the man’s scrotum (the sac of the skin that holds his testicles) and closes off both tubes that carry sperm from his testicles. This keeps the sperm out of his semen. The man can have erections and ejaculate semen, while his sperm no longer makes a woman pregnant.

This method has been found to be very effective, with 0.15 pregnancies per 100 men (1 in 700) in the first year after the procedure. It is even more effective when correctly used. Correct use means using condoms or another family planning method consistently for the first 20 ejaculations or the for 3 months after the procedure---whichever comes first.



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