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Dr. Philips Abraham, MD. DGO

The Department of GYNAECOLOGY and INFERTILITY has some of the best gynaecological and women's health specialists working as a team to provide optimum diagnosis and treatment.

Services offered
  • Routine Gynecology & Obstetrics care for patients.
  • Ultra-sound scanning (Both abdominal and trans-vaginal) for pregnancy, abortions and gynecology problems (ovarian cysts, fibroids etc .)
  • Complete and comprehensive work up, and examination (of husband and wife) for infertility problem.
  • Diagnostic and operative - Hysteroscopy.
  • Diagnostic and operative - Laparoscopy.
  • Total male infertility problem evaluation together with the Urologist.
  • Routine Gynecologic and obstetric operations
  • All family planning services

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