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Indian clinics offer cost effective Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal at Nagpur, Pune and Ahmedabad

microsurgery vasectomy reversal, cost effective microsurgery vasectomy reversal, cost effective microsurgery vasectomy reversal Pune Mr. Elier Cardona from Kuwait came all the way to India for his Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune. Just 4 years ago he had his vasectomy surgery but now wanted to reverse it. Mr. Elier Cardona got a way through internet when he found out about Indian Medguru Group and its services in India for international patients. Most of the time, vasectomy reversals success stories are nothing short of miraculous considering the time lapse between the vasectomy and the reversal. The lesser this gap the greater is the chances of success.

Indian Medguru Group believes that male infertility can be successfully treated and we have proved it with our long and successful record of Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal available at Nagpur, Pune and Ahmedabad.

“I cannot describe to you the emotions that we have experienced these last few days. My wife’s water broke last Saturday at about 7:10 pm. I and my wife were driving to go have pizza at a nearby Restaurant. The look on my wife’s face was priceless and she new exactly what was happening. Took my wife straight to the hospital. He arrived at 3:21 am and the whole room cried when my wife finally held our son. What seems like only yesterday, I was undergoing my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune, and less than a year later, we were giving birth to our baby girl! It goes without saying none of the joy we are experiencing could have came true without the support and help of Indian Medguru Group. We can't find the words to thank you enough for making our dreams of having a child a reality. Your great attitude, expertise, and excitement for what you do made the entire experience something we will never forget.

Part of the way to have a successful Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal is picking the proper microsurgeon for it. And Indian Medguru Group did the same for me. They arranged my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune under the best and known surgeon of India. Indian Medguru Group in true sense assisted me for getting my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal done in Pune. They provided me all the necessary information regarding my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune, CV of the surgeon was forwarded with the list of best hospitals in Nagpur, Pune and Ahmedabad was forwarded to me that helped me in finalizing my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune.

cost effective microsurgery vasectomy reversal Nagpur, cost effective microsurgery vasectomy reversal Ahmedabad, microsurgery vasectomy reversal cost A Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal is a microsurgical procedure performed by a urologic surgeon to reverse sterility caused by a vasectomy. VR is performed by microsurgically reconnecting – in either single or multiple layers – the cut ends of the vas deferens, the small tubes that carry sperm from the man’s testicles. The fine sutures used are no thicker than a human hair. The rejoined vas can again become a passageway for semen to be ejaculated at orgasm. Surgical success is indicated if sperm is detected in the fluid inside the vas after initial incision. At times when a blockage (causing increased pressure in the epididymis) is suspected, the blockage must be bypassed in an alternate reversal procedure known as a “vasoepididymostomy.”

I was instructed to take a complete bed rest for the first 24 hours following my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune. My doctor advised me to use an ice pack on the scrotal area for one to two days and keep all activities to a minimum for at least four to five days. I was advised to avoid heavy lifting or physical exertion for three to four weeks. I have been telling everybody about you guys and my successful Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in Pune. The Surgeon who performed my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal was a highly experienced doctor. Hospital where the surgery was performed was the best that I can say. It included all the modern facilities and technology required for Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal and the medical staff is well educated and caring. I would definitely like to recommend Indian Medguru Group for Microsurgery vasectomy reversal in Pune. Let's just say I'm so proud and happy that we made this decision to come down to you.

It looks like it was really meant to be for us to have children. All I can say without you guys we probably would still sit here and wait for biggest dream to come true. “

Thank You!

Elier Cardona

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