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International Patient Videos

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Aasim, USA
Laser Disectomy
Mr. Michael Nigro, USA
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Mr. Ney Lopez, USA
Lumbar Decompression Surgery
Mrs. Isa, Nigeria
Radical Hysterectomy in India
Mr. Amadi, Nigeria
Health Checkup and Arthritis Treatment
Mr Watson Lumba
Uterine Fibroid Embolization in India
Mrs. Austin, Nigeria
Key Hole Hysterectomy Surgery India
Mrs. Patricia Lumba (Zambia)
Uterine Fibroid Embolization
Ms. Elizabeth, Nigeria
Gall Stone Surgery in India
Mr. Aderan, Nigeria
Jaw Surgery in India
Ms. Mandy, Canada
Cosmetic Surgery in India
Mr. Chika, Nigeria
Cardiac Treatment in India
Mr. Philemon - Kenya
Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India
Mrs. Jobe Ayegba, Nigeria
Health Checkup in India
Mr. James - Nigeria
Urology Surgery in India
Mrs. Johnson - USA
Body Lift Surgery in India
Ms. Helen, Nigeria 
Stroke Rehabilitation Program in India
Mr. Charles - Africa
Breast Cancer Surgery for his wife in India
Mr. Bazuaye, Nigeria
Cervical Spine Surgery in India
Mr. Isiaka Taiwo, Nigeria
Cardiac Treatment in India
Ms. Aline Samson, Canada
Spine Surgery for her mother
Ms. Sonia Lafond, Canada
Keyhole Spine Surgery India
Mr. Ricky Sablet, Florida - USA
Spine Surgery in India
Mr. Eze, Nigeria
Health Checkup and Dental Treatment
Mr. Adeyanju, Nigeria
Leg Surgery in India
Dr. Mohammed, Nigeria
Medical Checkup in India
Mr. Elier Cardona, Kuwait
Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India
Mr. Nwogu, River State - Nigeria
Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India
Mrs. Silverline, Nigeria 
Gastric Surgery for her husband
Mrs. Lolo, Nigeria
Liver Treatment India
Mrs. Babarinde, Nigeria
Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Mrs. Daula, Bangladesh
Parotid Gland Tumor Surgery
Mrs. Ezeani, Nigeria
Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Surgery
Mr. King Amadi, Nigeria
Kidney Infection Treatment India
Mr. Okeke, Nigeria
Cataract and Eyelid Surgery India
Mr. Mohammed Rasool, Iraq
Spine Surgery India
Mr. Ibako, Nigeria
Heart Surgery India
Mrs. Nweke, Nigeria
Heart Surgery India
Mrs. Onwozulu, Nigeria
Urosurgery for her husband
Mr. Lawrence, UK
Obstructive Azoospermia Surgery India
Mr. Saka, Nigeria
Diabetic Foot Surgery India
Mr. Sultan Popal, Afghanistan
Laser Spine Surgery
Mrs. Saliu, Nigeria
Health Checkup
Mr. Mathew Grande, Canada
Microendoscopic Discectomy Surgery India
Mr. Banji Babarinde, Nigeria
Wife's Knee Replacement Surgery and Health Checkup
Ms. Shelly Klassy, California - USA
Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
Mr. Zang, Nigeria
Brain Haematoma Surgery
Mr. Yusuf Wahab, Nigeria
Spine Surgery
Mr. Sylvain, Canada
Laser Spine Surgery
Mr. Soji Omotunde, Nigeria  
Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Ms. Pauline, Nigeria 
Cataract Eye Surgery for her mother
Mr. Peter, Nigeria
Spine Surgery for his aunty
Mr. Nichoe, Kenya
Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery for his father
Mrs. Zang, Nigeria
Complex Neurosurgery for her husband
Mr. Chunga, Zambia
Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
Mr. Bob Perona, USA
Spine Surgery
Mr. Gary Buris, United States
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery
Mr. Jeff Nwaeke, Nigeria
Cancer Surgery for his father
Mr. Orodor, River State Nigeria
Laser Prostate Surgery
Mrs. Okoro, Port Harcourt Nigeria
Medical Checkup
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