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Mr. Chunara, South Africa
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Mr. Chunara, South Africa
Minimal Invasive Spine Fusion Surgery
Low Cost Minimal Invasive Spine Fusion Surgery India.

I am Mr. Chunara From South Africa. I came for my low cost minimal invasive spine fusion surgery in India through Indianmedguru. I was looking for the surgery from a long time, but no one was ready to provide my spine fusion surgery with the minimal invasive approach. They all told me that I need to get it from the UK or US. I started researching on the internet regarding the surgery. Then I found Indianmedguru consultants in India. I submitted my query over their website. I was happy to receive a real fast response from the company asking for my details and MRI reports. I gave all the reports to them. Then after that I had a brief discussion with Dr. Bojwani regarding my low cost minimal invasive spine fusion surgery in India. He answered all my queries very nicely. After all the formalities were completed I took my flight to India.

India is a beautiful place. I was received by a customer relations officer of the company at the airport. He took me straight to the hospital where I was supposed to get my surgery. There I met my surgeon; he was very nice and soft spoken. He explained each and everything about my surgery as it was a serious surgery. I have been a cardiac patient previously so I was afraid of getting the surgery under the general anesthesia. So, I discussed it with the surgeon and he agreed to do the surgery under the local anesthesia. The surgery went very nicely. I am very happy with the treatment I received. The staff of the hospital took care of me perfectly before and after my surgery.

Though money was not an issue for me, but I would like to mention this, that Indianmedguru provided me minimal invasive spine fusion surgery in India at a very much reasonable and cost effective medical fees than what I was quoted for UK or the US. And I received the best quality of services from them. I am thankful to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and the whole team of Indianmedguru for arranging the best quality treatment and facilities for my low cost minimal invasive spine fusion surgery in India.

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