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Roshan Vance, US
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Roshan Vance, US
Neck Lift & Blephroplasty Surgery (Old Patient of Gastric Bypass Surgery)
American Native’s gastric bypass surgery in India.

I am Roshon Vance from USA. I came for my gastric bypass surgery in India through indianmedguru. In 2007, I had to weigh on a scale available only at an animal feed store. My weight was 557lbs. I was asthmatic, diabetic, and could not walk without a walker or cane. I took 22 pills in the morning and 11 at night. Frequently, I could not get out of a chair without help and certainly I could not play on the floor with my granddaughter. I then went to India for gastric bypass surgery through indianmedguru..

Initially, I studied the Internet and interviewed six people who had the surgery. I found Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani to be one of the most qualified in providing the best services in India at the best gastric bypass surgery hospital and with the best gastric bypass surgeon in India. Although, I was his largest patient ever, he agreed to arrange the surgery in India for me.

One thing that impressed me the most was when I had a small problem and I needed to be seen by a perfect care in the hospital Emergency Room.I was very much happy that I was in safe hands for my gastric bypass surgery in India’s best gastric bypass hospitaland with the best gastric bypass surgeon in India.

As I look back now, there were bad days but they are hard to remember now. It's like a lady having a baby; when you see the results you forget the pain. I have weighed around 220lbs for about a month now. I eat just about I want (just not so much). My medications are few. I can now do many physical activities, including playing in the floor with my grandchildren. I had six heart bypasses. Without Dr. Bojwani and the gastric Bypass surgery, I would never have lived through March 2008. I believe Dr. Bojwani saved my life twice... How can you say thank-you enough to a person who has done this for you?

I want to thank Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and the whole team of indianmedguru for their wonderful help and assistance for my surgery in the best gastric bypass hospital and with the best gastric bypass surgeon in India.

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