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Mr. Chika Uko, Nigeria
Hip Replacement Surgery

Mr. Chika Uko, Nigeria
Hip Replacement Surgery
Modern orthopedic surgery centers operating hip replacement surgery at Hyderabad in India

Advanced orthopedic surgery centers are operating services for hip replacement surgery at Hyderabad in India. Such joint replacement orthopaedic surgery generally, is done to relieve arthritis pain or fix severe physical joint damage as a part of the hip fracture treatment. Total hip replacement is most commonly used to treat joint failure caused by osteoarthritis. Other indications include rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis, protrusio acetabuli, certain hip fractures, benign and malignant bone tumors, arthritis associated with Paget's disease, ankylosing spondylitis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The post surgery complications like infection or recurrent dislocation are nil. Modern surgery centers for the hip replacement surgery at Hyderabad in India are using computer guidance systems for accurate positioning of the component. The aims of the procedure are pain relief and improvement in hip function. The size of the incision is drastically reducued to prevent soft tissue damage by double incision surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Hip replacement surgey at Hyderabad in India gives our overseas medical visitors the opportunity to access world class quality medical treatments at very affordable prices. In fact for most surgical procedures the cost of treatment along with an Indian vacation and the airfares from your home country to India, are often substantially lower than just the cost of treatment at home. The cost savings as compared to the domestic private healthcare are noteworthy. Medical treatment costs in India are lower by at least 60-80% when compared to similar procedures in North America and the UK. Fluent English speaking staff, no wait lists, and highly qualified orthopedic surgeons deliver a service that meets our high expectations for the hip replacement surgery at Hyderabad in India. An analogous surgery was performed on Chika Uko, a Nigerian native received who similar services and immense benefits as in Hyderabad after his hip replacement surgery at Mumbai, in India. Indianmedguru and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani played a vital role in fulfillment of every need of the patient.

Mr. Chika Uko Nigeria

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