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Mr. Ibrahim Abba, Cameroon
Prostate Cancer Surgery

Mr. Uche, Nigeria
Shoulder Surgery
Shoulder replacement surgery at Chennai in India for a Nigeria patient

“Well it won’t be possible for me to compliment about the genuine personality of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani by words only, who came as a ray of light during my shoulder replacement surgery at Chennai in India. When I suffered from weakness and pain in my shoulder joints then I went to an X-Ray specialist cum doctor and after looking at my reports he told me of having bone cracks in my right shoulder joint due to which I couldn’t lift any heavy object. I needed a procedure of shoulder replacement surgery and I was well aware of its benefits but here in Nigeria I was not getting a proper kind of surgeon to whom I could entrust myself. Then I came across the medical services of Indian Healthguru and enquired about the availability of a good shoulder surgeon in India for a low cost shoulder replacement procedure. Dr. Bojwani the chief health consultant of this healthcare group immediately called me on phone and assured me of providing all that I expected. He gave me assistance in getting a medical visa and then I also got a medical appointment from him for my shoulder replacement surgery at Chennai in India. My brother Friday also accompanied me during my shoulder replacement surgery at Chennai in India. The medical reports that I had sent to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani had already been forwarded by him to the recommended surgeon. So I had no complication of explaining my medical case to the Indian medical staff as Indian Medguru team had already done that job and had got my surgery cost reduced to 42 % and that was really a saving of big bucks for me. The procedure of shoulder surgery was conducted by a very cordial and well trained medical staff who took care of each and every requirement of mine, so I didn’t feel any kind of nervousness during my shoulder replacement surgery at Chennai in India. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani asked me on phone daily about my health and cheered me for getting an early recovery. I am really grateful to him and the Indian medical staff for getting such a warm and cordial medical care. Now my shoulder injury has got a healing and I am very happy with my new life.”

Mr. Uche

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