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Mr. Ney Lopez, USA
Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Spinal stenosis surgery is very affordable in India

India is an incredible health care destination for Spinal stenosis surgery India and that was my experience when I visited India for my medical treatment. Indianmedguru made excellent arrangements for my health care visit to India to get my Spinal stenosis surgery. My medical procedure and the pre-procedure tests were done very efficiently and professionally, exceeding my expectations from the health care system in an Asian country. The doctors, nurses, technicians and the assistants at the hospital were very well groomed for their profession, their experience and concern made me relieved from all of my fears of getting Spinal stenosis surgery in India. The services by Indianmedguru have been very rewarding; I came to India and had my treatment with all the help from Indianmedguru, their service was incredibly fast, reliable, professional and affordable. The inexpensive health care tour to India for the surgery went very well and surely the care, warmth and the helping attitude of the Indians wins your heart. Spinal stenosis surgery in India is the best.

Thank you
Mr. Ney Lopez

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