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Michelle, UK
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Michelle, UK
Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)
Michelle from UK who came for her tummy tucks surgery in India

I am Michelle I am from United Kingdom. Every time I had to compromise with my clothes and looks, it was embarrassing for me to go any where due to my tummy. I had tried lots of exercises to get a perfectly shaped tummy but it was worthless. So, I decided to undergo a tummy tuck surgery. I surf the internet in searching for the best hospitals for my tummy tuck surgery at reasonable price then I found indianmedguru consultants. I sent my details to them, I was amazed by their fast response and quotes which they offered to me for tummy tuck surgery in India, I had my surgery in India and the results were better than my expectations, the hospitals and the surgeons arranged by indianmedguru were best in cosmetic surgery. I was glad to see my self in the mirror after the surgery I am very greatful to indianmedguru and their team for their support to me for my surgery in India. Indianmedguru offered my tummy tuck surgery with the best medical facilities with the best tummy tuck surgery hospital and surgeon in India. I was happy with the charges I was quoted by indianmedguru because it was much less than the charge in my native country. It was around less than half from what in UK. Indianmedguru has helped me a lot in getting my surgery done with the best tummy tuck surgery hospital and the best tummy tuck surgeon in India.

I am very much thankful to Indianmedguru and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for their wonderful help and support.

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