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UK Patient gets Treated with Breast Implant Surgery in Chennai India

Diane from an international patient from UK says “The breast implant surgeon at Chennai in India was kind and hard working so I got best desired results from him with a breast implant surgery in India. In this concern I feel myself very thankful to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani who consulted my case on my behalf with the breast implant surgeon at Chennai in India. In UK it is not possible for everyone to afford the expensive cost of cosmetic procedures though the quality there is avon. I wanted a reasonable cost surgery with the same quality available in my country, after a timely search I heard as well as saw the great online reputation of Indianmedguru. Some of my friends knew its name well as they had read about many infertility and cosmetic surgery cases of UK that had been solved well by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani in India. On calling Dr. Bojwani I found him to me a man of good etiquettes and he talked to me in a friendly way telling about the best medical care facilities in India. Then he asked me to send the details of my requirements I did the same and after 2 days he again made a call to me intimating me about the cost quotes, medical stay and arrangements for my travel to India for getting breast surgery from a reputed breast implant surgeon at Chennai in India. I was quite satisfied with the cost quote of breast implant surgery in India and there wasn’t any delay in getting the appointment. The hospitality and healthcare facilities provided to me by Indianmedguru was of A grade. The surgeon was very attentive and caring plus my time at the Indian hospital passed with great ease as Dr. Bojwani and other doctors considered my case in a sincere way. All I can say is that my experience of getting surgery from the breast implant surgeon at Chennai in India was a memorable one. India has medical facilities of international level one can save much money here plus medical appointments in India can be availed very easily without any delay. So now I have got my looks more appealing with my new breast implants. Thank you so much Dr. Bojwani for fulfilling my expectations so easily. It was so kind of you.”


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