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Ms. Meshelle, USA

Ms. Meshelle, USA

Video Testimonial of Tummy Tuck Surgery at Nagpur In India

This is a video testimonial of Meschelle from USA who has recently returned from a medical trip after her Tummy Tuck Surgery at Nagpur In India through the cosmetic surgeons of Indian Medguru. Meschelle had a protruding tummy and was recommended for the procedure of tummy tuck for recovery so she contacted Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani of Indian Medguru Consultancy telling him about her case because in USA the cost of procedure was more and getting early dates was hard. After studying the medical case of Meschelle Dr. Bojwani consulted to one of his cosmetic surgeons at Mumbai and gave Meschelle all the cost quotes and details of treatment for her Tummy Tuck Surgery at Nagpur In India. Meschelle found that there were flights to Mumbai from New York every other day, so she booked her flight. On arrival at the airport in India Meschelle was taken by a Luxury taxi sent by Dr. Bojwani, to a private cosmetic hospital for preliminary medical tests and then she was provided accommodation. Meschelle recalls: "It was a lovely place, very classy and very, very clean with modern equipments and confident hard working surgeons. I’d say it was equivalent to a five star hotel. Only cosmetic patients were housed there and we were given our own rooms complete with suite facilities." Meschelle received her Tummy Tuck Surgery at Nagpur In India under local anesthetic on account of her age and high blood pressure. The procedure lasted 4 hours. On the day of medical operation, her surgeon, and Dr Bojwani were most attentive to her. Meschelle says "The doctor changed my tight bandages and made me more comfortable. I felt quite weak and didn’t feel hungry and Dr Bojwani’s executive kept popping in to see me in bed bringing lemon juice, honey and biscuits. God Bless him. He also gave me a quarter of a sleeping tablet and I really had a good sleep”. 10 days later Meschelle was back in USA and got her stitches removed by her local doctor and now she saw her tummy in a good shape. She gives all the credit to her Tummy Tuck Surgery at Nagpur in India that was provided to her at a low cost budget with a fine quality.

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