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Acute Glomerulonephritis Treatment in India - Nigerian citizen shares his experience

Mr. King Amadi, Nigeria
Kidney Infection Treatment

Hi, to, introduce, I am known as Mr.Amadi a King of a community from Nigeria, Recently I had my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India, which was nothing but a life time experience for me, since traveling abroad that too for a medical treatment like Acute Glomerulonephritis in India is indeed a big deal for me. But I was compelled to carry on with this since was bogged down by my kidney problems. It was days, when I was witnessed with cough with blood-tinged sputum, fever, joint pain and problems in passing the urine, I found it unusual since this was the first time I was experiencing in life, I, therefore, consulted my doctor. After hearing me, my doctor suspected kidney inflammation, hence recommended a kidney biopsy, which after having it, confirmed me with the same, hence he suggested me to have my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment. My doctor asked me to find some solution over the internet, since he knew it was difficult to get the answer for Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment at my place. Besides, he also passed on the contact info of the medical consultant called Indian Medguru Group, whom he knew from quiet sometime. After visiting their website, I thoroughly browsed it and soon realized that it would be worth to take a chance of having my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India.

I therefore, e-mailed my query along with my medical history and also enquired couple of things about having my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India. Luckily, I got the call the very same day from the executive of Indian Medguru Group. The executive discussed my case at length, after having a word from the leading doctors regarding my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India; he offered me some affordable packages. I found it worth opting, and thus gave my consent for my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India.

Thus I along with my wife booked the tickets and reached India for my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment. From the moment I reached for my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India, the treatment and hospitality that we received was terrific. We were picked up at the airport by an executive of Indian Medguru Group. He welcomed us and was very pleasant; we were then driven straight to the hospital where we met the doctor who was scheduled for my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India.

Acute glomerulonephritis refers to a specific set of renal diseases in which an immunologic mechanism triggers inflammation and proliferation of glomerular tissue that can result in damage to the basement membrane, mesangium, or capillary endothelium. Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment is dependant upon the cause of the disease, whether it is acute or chronic, the severity of renal impairment, as well as the age and comorbidities of the patient. High blood pressure may be difficult to control, and it is generally the most important aspect of treatment. Medicines that were prescribed included: Blood pressure medications which are often needed to control high blood pressure. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers were also prescribed. Corticosteroids relieved my symptoms. Medications that suppress the immune system may also be prescribed, depending on the cause of the condition. My Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India had the procedure called Plasmapheresis which was used for my case of Glomerulonephritis due to immune-related causes. The fluid part of the blood containing antibodies is removed and replaced with intravenous fluids or donated plasma (without antibodies). Removing antibodies may reduce inflammation in the kidney tissues. I am glad that my entire Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India went smooth and perfect.

After having my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India my doctor recommended some Dietary restrictions on salt, fluids, protein, and other substances. With these recommendations, I returned to Nigeria, and strict to this recovery course as instructed by my doctor who performed my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India. My medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group, deserves all applauds; indeed they proved to be true professionals while expediting my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment. They happen to be a known group in India in the business of Medical tourism, have a good network of doctors and hospitals, which cater the best of medical services. I am fortunate to get them for my Acute Glomerulonephritis treatment in India. I thank them a lot, and my doctor who treated me in India, and would certainly recommend them and any medical treatment there.

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