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Blastocyst embryo transfer in India at recognized hospitals of Delhi

Blastocyst embryo transfer in Delhi, India is available at various recognized hospitals. The first IVF human pregnancy was achieved by blastocyst transfer. Blastocyst transfer is claimed to be more physiological than pronucleate or cleaved-embryo transfer is as it mimics nature more closely. As the embryo advances in the development, after 5-6 days it becomes a blastocyst. This has an outer thin layer of cells which will later form the placenta, and an inner cell mass which will develop into the fetus. A blastocyst has about 120 cells. A blastocyst gives a better idea of the competence of an embryo and has a higher chance of implantation than a cleaved embryo. Blastocyst embryo transfer in Delhi, India is performed by highly skilled fertility doctors who combine the latest innovations in medical electronics with unmatched expertise.

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