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Get comprehensive assisted laser hatching in India at cost effective budget

Comprehensive assisted laser hatching in India is available at a cost effective budget at various Indian hospitals / Infertility centers. You can combine your assisted laser hatching in India with medical tourism. Medical Tourism in India is fast becoming popular to foreign patients particularly to the Americans. Health experts around the world have cited that the quality of healthcare in India is equal or even better than what the United States can offer. But what attracts foreigners even more is the fact that they can save 30 to 60 percent on the costs of medical treatments in India than in the US. When sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory, the zona pellucida (the shell surrounding the fertilized egg) hardens, making it more difficult for the embryo to implant. The laser micromanipulation technique called Assisted laser hatching is an additional lab technique designed to improve the efficiency of assisted reproductive technology procedures such as ICSI. Using a precision laser, an opening is made in the zona pellucida to weaken the wall of the embryo. The opening made by laser hatching helps the embryo hatch from the zona pellucida and implant correctly. The cost of in-hospital treatment in the US is definitely higher, usually double the price than in India. Medicines are also more affordable in India than in the US. India is promoting the "high-tech healing" of its private healthcare sector as a tourist attraction for Assisted laser hatching.

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