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Affordable Cost Tummy Tuck Surgery for USA Patient in India

Dear Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani, I did a lot of research before deciding to have my Tummy Tuck Surgery in India. consultation with you and your staff I felt so comfortable that I had no doubt this is the right place for me to have my surgery done. . I am eternally grateful to you for making arrangements for me to fly to India just within 3 days, which is incredible. You have worked a miracle and I am glad that you helped me to achieve what I have always dreamed of having. Wonderful thinner thighs and a flat tummy.

I can't thank you and Indianmedguru enough, and I will always keep you in mind if I, or anyone else I should know could use your services. I couldn't have asked for or wished for a better Doctor. You were there for me to ask questions of before and after and you calmed my nerves on the day of the surgery. You were even there for me when I was sick. I don't know too many Doctor's that would care that much about their patients.

Thank you. I want to also thank you for the encouraging comments that kept me going from day to day. Again… I can't thank you enough. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani, You couldn't have been more knowledgeable in what you do and what you did for me. Thank you for setting up the surgery for me and Thank you answering every question I had before and after I met with Surgeon. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity in what you told me about the surgeries. Thank you for being the one who always helped to schedule my appointments to see the surgeon. Thank you for being so considerate and nice. THANKS!!! I would recommend him to all my friends. He made me very comfortable and he changed my life. I am so much more confident now than I was before.

Thank You!
Ms. Preeti Kumar

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