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Affordable Meningomyecoele Surgery for International Patient India

I am Mr. from Pakistan and I came for my daughter’s Meningomyecoele Surgery in India through IndianMedGuru consultants. The doctor who operated on my child is a real genius and a true artist of a human body. When my child was born I thought that she may not survive due to that disorder but the doctors and the medical tourism company did a fantastic job. Before the surgery my child used to cry a lot and was not able to tolerate the pain due to the disorder. So I was searching for a good medical service provider but I was unable to get one in my on country.

Then one day I read an article regarding medical tourism companies in India and enquired about my child’s surgery on their email id and got a quick response as my child was suffering from quite big disease and they were concerned about my child. Seeing this I came and got my child’s Meningomyecoele Surgery in India done. The doctor provided me the best possible services and in the most Affordable way, they took great care of my child. The medical tourism company’s customer relations officer was there for me and my child throughout the process of my child’s Meningomyecoele Surgery in India. They guided me through the process and provided a good support through the process. After the surgery my child is very happy and is normal after the surgery. I get very happy whenever I see my child and always thank to god to cure my child. I want to thank the doctor for providing my daughter the best of services for her Meningomyecoele Surgery in India and I always pray to god, that no one should suffer from such a disorder in such small age.

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