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Affordable packages for Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi and Mumbai brings in countless international patients all across the world

anterior cystocele repair,  anterior cystocele repair Delhi, anterior cystocele repair Mumbai Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi and Mumbai is a comprehensive procedure to get away from your medical ailment with affordability and high medical service. These medical treatments are carried out by the best surgeon with utmost care and professionalism at world-class hospitals. These are factors which drives international patients all across the world for various procedures including the Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi and Mumbai. Indian Medguru Group is one of the leading medical tourism companies of India, which organizes and manages such medical treatments and surgeries. Within few years,

we have expedited number of medical services to international medical tourists with care and professionalism, and the saga continues. The patients coming to India for their medical treatments take back home gripping memories. Recently, Mrs. Smith from Nigeria was here for her Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi. She shares her experience with us.

Hi, I am Mrs. Smith from Nigeria. Just recently I had my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi. I am lucky enough to get the Medical consultant - Indian Medguru Group, who did everything pertaining to my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi, otherwise, I was running from pillar to post to find a suitable place to get my surgery done in Nigeria. I was in a bad shape due to my medical ailment called Cystocele, with symptoms like a constant pain at my lower back portion and frequent urinals, inadvertent leakage of urine with physical activity, vaginal bulge and so on. I preferred discussing these signs with my gynecologist. When I disclosed them to my doctor, she did a physical vaginal examination along with a voiding cystourethrogram. The test then revealed a Cystocele which required Anterior Cystocele Repair to get away from this. My doctor suggested some local places to check with; however, after checking them, I didn’t find them worthwhile, and therefore decided to have a look over the internet. Meanwhile, during my internet search, I found that my Anterior Cystocele Repair in India much cheaper than other countries like Thailand; Indonesia and so on and also promises a world class medical treatment.

anterior cystocele repair India, anterior cystocele repair Nigeria, affordable anterior cystocele repair This was more than enough for me to make my find for India, later my internet search led me to a medical consultant called Indian Medguru Group from India who offered good packages of Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi and Mumbai with better facilities and services. I did a proper study of their website, and then e mailed them about my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi and Mumbai. The very same day, I got a call followed by an e mail. I discussed my case; I then mailed them my investigation reports, and later got a good package for my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi and Mumbai. Considering the various positive aspects of my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi we decided to have the same and thus gave its consent. I applied for the visa and within a weeks time, I and my husband was seen moving for my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi. Soon we reached for my said surgery. We really had a systematic deal with Indian Medguru Group; they did almost everything for us, right from arranging a surgeon to hospital to our visa etc. They really delivered what they promised. Soon we met my surgeon, discussed my case and then saw myself getting prepared for my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi.

Soon the day for my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi dawned and I was taken inside the operation room. Anterior Cystocele Repair happens to the most common procedure adopted by gynecological surgeons, during which I was first given general anesthesia. A speculum was inserted into the vagina to hold it open during the procedure. An incision was made into the vaginal skin and the defect in the underlying fascia was identified. The vaginal skin was then separated from the fascia and the defect is folded over and sutured (stitched). The excess vaginal skin was removed and the incision was closed with stitches. Following my Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi a Foley catheter remained on my body. I was given a liquid diet until the bowel function returned normal. I was also instructed to avoid activities for several weeks that cause strain on the surgical site; these included lifting, coughing, long periods of standing, sneezing, straining with bowel movements, and sexual intercourse. When I went back to Nigeria, I made sure I abided by these instructions, and in around two weeks or so, I recovered completely. I am really happy getting my pain free life and would certainly recommend my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group and any medical surgery or treatment including the Anterior Cystocele Repair in Delhi or Bangalore to anyone who aspire for the same. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Mrs. Smith

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