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Successful Outcomes after Stem Cell Treatment in India

Leukemia cancer Treatment - Treated with stem cell by Dr. Rahul Bhargava

A New Ray of Hope to My Grinding Life – Says Mia from Germany

It was like a nightmare, one of the most challenging and hardest moments of my life, a moment that I can never forget, a moment that plummets my family into darkness, a moment that ground my family to a full stop. It was the moment when I got the learning that I was suffering from Leukemia cancer, a shocking and shattering moment of life.

I am Mia from Germany, a mother of two children, an 8 year boy and 4 year girl dancing to the joys of beautiful childhood days. Let me take you back a year from now when I was diagnosed with leukemia cancer. It was the 8th birthday of my son and we all were celebrating his birthday. We were just about to cut the birthday cake and my husband received a call from my doctor whom I was consulting for the past few months for the medical symptoms I was experiencing. It was a couple of months I was going through a tough time fighting my symptoms of irregular intervals of fever, persistent weakness, frequent infections in various body parts, unexplained weight loss, and recurrent nosebleeds. On and often, I was feeling tired and hence a routine blood test was conducted that revealed some sort of abnormality in white blood cells count.

That was the time when my doctor recommended me to a hematologist who conducted various tests and scans. I was not even aware that my blood count was falling down and down with each new day. This means I was dying every moment but was yet ignorant. I was known to be the ‘Woman of Mettle’ in my family but who knew I will fall down so early.

Despite all the weaknesses and experiencing symptoms, I made a point to celebrate my son’s birthday. All through the months, my husband was very supportive and more concerned because at the back of his mind he was aware that something is wrong and that’s why so many tests and so much stress the doctors were putting. I was just trying to cope up with the situation because I am a mother and I have to be strong for my tiny tots. We all were celebrating a grand birthday party and were just about to cut the cake my husband fell down on his knees receiving a call. We all got stunned and turned back to my husband. All my relatives were there. I asked my children to be there near the cake table and I rushed to my husband surrounded by so many people around. Gushing through the people encircling him, I approached him and he silently whispered in my ears that I was suffering from leukemia cancer, and yes it was the moment we both came to a full stop for a couple of minutes. But then, it was our child’s birthday we had to be strong so we both held our hands and stood up with a smile delivering a clear explanation to each other that we will discuss the same later, now let’s enjoy his birthday. We had cut the cake and had a great celebration. We made the children asleep and then we both hugged each other and cried for hours because the next day morning we were to see the doctor with not even a vague idea is leukemia curable or not. After all, it’s a type of cancer.

Through sadness and grief, we went to see the doctor the next day. He explained to us everything and he recommended a course of treatment that was actually very expensive for us. And when it comes to cancer second opinion is always preferred. So, we decided to have a second opinion and went from there. We know we didn’t have much time in hand and we have to do something at the earliest. We decided to browse the web for the best cancer surgeons in the world and to our surprise, we came to know that India is a hub of medical care facilities. We further did more research on Indian healthcare and concluded that India provides the best medical treatment for all diseases at the most affordable rates. The medical professionals and nursing facilities in India are also at its best. Then we made up our mind that we will visit for Leukemia Treatment in India. Now, the next stage was to search for the Top Medical Oncologist in India whom we can trust completely. So we again started with our research and came up with a list of 10 best cancer doctors and 10 best cancer hospitals in India. During the research we also came through four to five medical tourism companies. Though we did knew what a medical tourism company does but we're not sure of how the process and complete course of treatment go with a medical tourism company. We first contacted five of the best hospitals but there one communication was just passed on to the other and the same to the third person. It was just like a signal going from one end to another with no reflection of thoughts and plans. We could not receive a good response from all the hospitals so we just left that search behind and decided to contact the doctors directly. But hardly any direct contact details were provided; all were just listed under one or the other hospital. Then further we made up our mind to connect with medical tourism companies in India.

So, this was the time when we first connected with a medical tourism company. We connected with all the five that we had shortlisted during our research. We had also prepared a questionnaire to be asked to all and we did share the same questions with all the five. Not very satisfactory, we were losing hope. We just couldn’t receive a response that we could trust. Then the last company that we decided to connect was Indian Med Guru. We were sure that if this company didn’t turn up well we will give down our idea of traveling to India and would undergo the required surgery and course of treatment in Germany irrespective of anything.

During the entire course, the toughest job was to settle our children and make them understand the urgency and emergency of my diagnosed disease. They were too small to know but then we had no options left because they had to be made strong before we actually started with the course of treatment and before we finalize our decision to travel to India. They had to be made self-dependent, though the 4 years old was too small but then it was fine because children these are days are more active and intelligent to know everything under the sun.

Then began our series of communications with Indian Med Guru Consultant.

First Communication

My husband called the customer care number and the consultant at the other end was wise enough to greet us with virtual warmth. My husband discussed my case with the consultant and he asked to share all the medical reports. Then all set with the list of questions, my husband threw upon him all the queries and doubts. He asked, “How can you help us?”. The consultant answered, “Sir, we are a leading medical tourism company in India who take care of the patients traveling to India from global boundaries in hunt of best medical facilities and low-cost medical treatment.” The consultant also added, “Sir, we take care of everything starting from the moment you step into India to the moment you go back to your home town with complete recovery.” My husband then asked, “How would you connect me to the Top Medical Oncologist in India and how would I be able to judge without even knowing who the doctor is” . The consultant was calm and generous and answered softly, “Sir, we do understand your concern and I know it is difficult to place your trust on a stranger. However, you can trust a person only when you give an opportunity to make you feel trusted and safe. You have to give us an opportunity to assure that we won’t let you down anywhere. I also do understand that one opportunity here is the life of your wife so you cannot take a risk but sir, for us one case resolved is a trust earned for many more successful treatments.” He also added, “At this stage, I truly cannot judge your wife’s case without any consultation from a doctor but all I know is that we have the best doctors on the panel working in the Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in India. We will give you a list of top doctors available for the treatment and from that, you can choose based on our recommendation or your own choice based on the reviews you can browse from the net or by connecting with his patients.” This was the moment during the conversation I could see a sign of relief on my husband’s face. That was impressive I felt. My husband disconnected the call and said to me, “I think we can go ahead with Indian Med Guru Consultant”.

Second Communication

As suggested by the consultant my husband shared all the medical reports. Just 24 hours after the first conversation with Indian Med Guru Consultant, we received a call from the same consultant. He shared the views of the top 5 cancer specialists in India regarding my case. He shared all the requirements, case histories, and essentials that all the Top Medical Oncologist in India had pointed. In addition, he also recommended the name of Dr. Rahul Bhargava Top Hemato Oncologist in India for the surgery. I was shocked and asked, “Surgery?” The consultant in his consoling voice replied, “Yes, sir. Your wife is suffering from leukemia cancer as you know and now stem cell treatment is the only option”. He also added the few essentials of leukemia during the second conversation, “Leukemia initiates its formation in the bone marrow with unhealthy production of cells. Blood cells are produced by the human body with its respective set of benefits and functions to maintain the overall health of our system. White blood cells work to fight infections, red blood cells function to transport oxygen to all body parts, and platelets help prevent blood clotting in the bone marrow.” He also added, “The course of treatment varies from person to person depending on the obvious symptoms and the type. The initial therapies including chemo, radio, and biological therapies followed by bone marrow transplant if required. Obvious to mention, the Success rate of Stem cell Treatment for Leukemia in India is high when compared to other western countries.” More pressurizing on the next statement the consultant stated, “Chances of surviving leukemia are gradually increasing with an increased infusion of advanced technology and in-depth knowledge about the cancer type.” When the consultant was explaining to me so much in detail, my husband also raised a question about stem cell transplant. In response, the consultant answered, “Stem cell transplant is a procedure in which a patient tends to get healthy blood-forming cells from a transplant in order to have a replacement for the destroyed blood cells.” He also added, “Don’t you worry sir, there are high chances of survival and healthy long life after Successful Leukemia treatment in India.” Further I asked him about how we will arrange for the transplant. He replied, “Sir, you don’t have to do anything. We will arrange for the transplant and as I said from your first step to your last step in India we will take care of everything and by everything I say includes all – your transplant, your stay in India, your local travel arrangements, your food responsibility, your surgery, your recovery, and a final good-bye to a Healthy You” . I was convinced and the second conversation was so soothing that my husband and I were just out of stress now.

Third Communication

The very next day we again received a call from the same consultant and he asked us about what we had thought about the doctor's recommendations. We had nothing more to think and we just went with the recommended doctor, Dr. Rahul Bhargava Top Hemato Oncologist in India for my stem cell transplant surgery. The consultant then explained to us the entire procedure of stem cell transplant and stated, “You can come to India stress-free and we will work the best to give you a speedy recovery and a healthy life ahead” . In continuation, he asked, “Now, when you have decided to go for the surgery by Dr. Rahul, when will you prefer to come to India”. My husband wanted as early as possible, so he replied, “When you say. I just want my wife to be healthy soon for me, my family, and my entire universe that solely depends on her”. The consultant with a soft voice reverted, “That’s fine sir, I do understand your anxiousness. I will consult the transplant surgeon and will get back to you on the same.” He said this and hanged the phone.

Phone Number to Reach Us- +91 9370586696

Fourth Communication

As we were prepared to go to India, we had to make all the arrangements for our children. As we were just discussing the same the very next morning, sharp at 10, I do remember, I received a call from the same consultant and he passed the message that the surgery will take place next week. I was silent and now a bit worried, maybe afraid. I did actually not know how to react to the situation and hence passed on the call to my husband. That moment my husband got angry on the consultant saying, “You know I deal with you then why did you call on my wife’s personal number.” For a moment the consultant was silent and then when my husband was cooled down, he softly said, “Sir, I purposely did this to prepare your wife for the surgery. It is very important to mentally prepare the patient before they are actually approaching any such big surgeries.” He continued saying, “Sir, when a patient is mentally prepared only then the results are 100% successful because no matter how hard we try if a patient is not mentally prepared it is difficult for even the best doctors to give 100% results.” The consultant concluded with a gentle statement, “Sir, yet I send across my apology for the same.” He was so calm, tender, and gentle and we were just amazed to have such an experience just through communications. The rest was still to experience.

Fifth Communication

The fifth communication with Indian Med Guru Consultant was a warm invitation for our medical visit to India. The consultant called and said that our tickets were confirmed for a medical visit to India and the visa was also arranged. The consultant had asked for all the relevant papers much before so that the final process becomes quick and hassle-free. So, now when the tickets and visas were ready, we were all set for our travel to India. The consultant also stated that we need not worry about the accommodation there because all the arrangements they will make for the same. He also assured that by the time we reach India, the arrangements for a perfect transplant will also be done so that there will be no delays in the procedure.

Sixth Communication

Our sixth communication with the Indian Med Guru Consultant was a one-to-one communication when we finally approached India. Our travel experience was extremely satisfactory and we were more than happy to see a man waiting at the airport exit with a board of our name. He gently greeted us with a smile and drove us to the hotel. We had reached late evening so we had a restful night and the next day the driver came to pick us up for the consultation with the doctor. There at the hospital we met the consultant whom we were actually conversing with all through the first point of communication. He was as he appeared through his voice, gentle, calm, soft-spoken, and an amazing man to know. He escorted us to the doctor’s cabin and we waited there for a couple of minutes. The doctor then entered the cabin and he too greeted us with warmth. He heard our concern and gently responded with a complete understanding of the procedure and recovery process. He asked my husband to admit me the same evening so that the process can be started at the earliest.

The Surgery Phase

The surgery phase with Indian Med Guru Consultant started with pre-surgery essentials. I was admitted to the hospital and was kept for two days on a very high dose of chemotherapy and further to that, three days on complete body radiation in a way to eliminate the existing DNA within my body. At the same time, a perfectly matched stem cell transplant was being arranged and harvested for my surgery.

Then after five days of chemotherapy and radiation, the surgery was performed by Dr. Rahul Bhargava. All I remember is that my husband was standing right in front of the operation theatre anxious, worried, and all stressed out. The last I saw before the surgery was a warm and generous team of the doctor as well as expert medical professionals from Indian Med Guru Consultant both outside and inside the operation theatre. The surgery went for several hours and then when I became conscious that was the moment I could see my husband smiling in front of me with a sense of relief. It was a Successful Leukemia treatment in India and everyone around looked happy.

The Recovery Phase

After the surgery, I was hospitalized for around two weeks and I remember how hard my husband and members of Indian Med Guru Consultant were working to make me comfortable and happy. At every moment they were trying to wake me up from the mental trauma of having such surgery. Though it took me the time I was able to cope up in a week and then I could see myself recovering quickly. After two weeks I was discharged and I was able to walk the way I always used to. All I wanted to do is rebuild my courage, strength, and confidence. After staying in India for a couple of days to ensure we are completely safe to travel back, I and my husband came back to our home town. I was extremely happy to see my children waiting for me and looking forward to living a beautiful life together.

Concluding My Experience

It is now about a year, and I don’t even feel that I went through stem cell transplant surgery. There was a moment when the chances of survival were low and see today I am living the most beautiful life with my husband and my growing children. Today again, I am a mother, a wife, and a daughter too. Thanks for these relations Indian Med Guru Consultant. Thanks for the gift of life. Thanks for giving the grinding a complete full stop and rebuilding a meaningful way for a healthy life.

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