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Ambulatory Phlebectomy at Delhi and Mumbai hospitals are performed with high international benchmark with low cost

ambulatory phlebectomy Delhi Mumbai India, ambulatory phlebectomy Delhi Mumbai, ambulatory phlebectomy Delhi  India The Ambulatory Phlebectomy catered at the Hospitals of Delhi and Mumbai are the places where the patients get treatment of high international benchmark with quiet low cost. Of late, Indian Healthcare sector has embarked as a pioneer in treating various medical ailments and sickness with world class medical team and infrastructure. Interestingly, these medical treatment and surgeries including the Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Mumbai and Delhi in India can be compared with developed nations, which come at a low cost. Here, the foreign patients get a tangible solution for their medical problems and ailments.

The hospitals here in Delhi and Mumbai are excellent with state of art facilities. We at Indian Medguru Group have been instrumental in arranging various medical treatments and surgeries for international patients. Unlike others, Mr. Adeyanju from Nigeria also visited for his Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi India. He shares his experience with us.

To begin with, I am Mr. Adeyanju, I am from Nigeria. Last month I was in India for my Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi. At the outset, I must thank my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group, who was responsible to make me free from my medical ailment. I was indeed bogged down by my leg pain and leg cramps and which would often give lots of fatigue. I consulted a local doctor at my hometown; I discussed my medical history and symptoms with the doctor. The surgeon after a careful examination suggested me to have my Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Now the question before me was, what next, since I was aware of the Nigerian healthcare units. Hence, I called the same doctor and enquired whether he can suggest me some good options abroad for my Ambulatory Phlebectomy. He informed me about how Medical tourism in India is proving its niche with quality service at affordable rates; he forwarded a medical Newsletter from a consultant called Indian Medguru Group who is into this domain of catering quality service to international patients. I checked their website, went through various packages of Ambulatory Phlebectomy in India, I found it quiet affordable, while reading the testimonials of couple of international patients about the services, I was convinced that this group is a right place to seek help.

ambulatory phlebectomy procedure, ambulatory phlebectomy medical consultant India, best procedure ambulatory phlebectomy India, superficial varicose veins treatment India Hence, I mailed them my query about my idea of having my Ambulatory Phlebectomy in India. I got a call the very same day along with an e mail. The executive took my medical history and called me within 2 days with an expert advice from the Indian medical panel of good doctors and experienced surgeons. The package offered for my Ambulatory Phlebectomy at Delhi and Mumbai hospitals were lucrative package to reject. It was quiet less as compared with other countries. So with further no delay, I confirmed Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi. And the following week, I reached Delhi- India for my treatment. When I reached there, I was pleased to see an executive of Indian Medguru Group who was there to attend me. I was straight away taken to the hospital to see the doctor. I was seen nervous on my way, by the executive was sharp enough to make me comfortable.

Soon I reached the hospital and was sitting across my doctor discussing my case of Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi. The surgeon was a professional doctor with massive experience of handling cases from simple to complex. He assured me the best result, and boosted my confidence, helped me to calm down. The very next day my Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi was scheduled, thus I was asked not to eat or rather fast for 6 hours before my surgery. Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a method of removing varicose veins on the surface of the legs. I was taken inside the OT, and soon I was put under local anesthesia. This procedure involved making tiny punctures or incisions through which the varicose veins could be removed. The incisions made on my leg were small that no stitches were required. Veins are very collapsible such that even large veins may be removed through the tiny incisions used in this technique. The surgeon beginning with the more heavily involved areas of the leg inserted a phlebectomy hook through each micro-incision. The vein segment was drawn through the incision, held with a mosquito clamp, and pulled out through the incision. This technique requires the surgeon to be especially careful when removing varicose veins in the ankle, foot, or back of the knee. Indeed, I found the Indian medical team competent in doing so. It took 3 hours to accomplish my Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi, which went smooth.

I was able to walk following the Ambulatory Phlebectomyin Delhi-India with few hours, however, I was in hospital for 4 days, with bandage and the next week I returned to Nigeria. My doctor suggested couple of precautions and medicines to take for a while and asked me to walk at least for 15 minutes daily. And with 5 weeks after my Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Delhi I was back to my normal life free from my medical ailment. I am really indebted by the services given my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group. And apart from this, I also thank my surgeon and his medical team who performed my Ambulatory Phlebectomy in India. I pray to God to bless them all for giving such a good service.

Thank you,
Mr. Adeyanju

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