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Mrs. Esonu, Nigeria
Fistula Surgery

Mrs. Esonu, Nigeria
Fistula Surgery
Affordable Fistula Treatment in Mumbai, India under skilled surgeons

Hello! I am Esonu from Lagos, Nigeria. Thinking of the relationship between myself and Indian Med Guru over the past year, I just have good memories. It all started with a desperate call to Dr. Dheeraj Bhojwani, head of Indian Med Guru, after another agency failed to organize my Fistula Treatment. My ticket to India had already been booked and I was to leave a week’s time. With Indian Med Guru’s promises that they would try their best I left for India. Their best was much more that I expected. After the first week of orientation (professionally done) I started with my Fistula Treatment procedure with a sure feeling that Indian Med Guru would look after my interests. Everything was well organized and clear. In the case of any uncertainty a phone call to Dr. Dheeraj Bhojwani always solved the problem. I really appreciate the sincerity of the hospitals, staff, and surgeons who really take good care of me in India. I was overwhelmed by the response of the surgeons who were actually listening to my problems and trying to understand them. The Fistula Treatment in India was affordable for me and most important by the reviews of other patients I came to know about Indian Med Guru, that it is the trusted medical faculty in India. I thank Indian Med Guru for their assistance and treatments. I would recommend Indian Med Guru to next level back in Nigeria.

Thanking you

Esonu Lagos,

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