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Embryo Donation Program in India

Embryo donation program in India is a very good option to get for childless couples having infertility problems. This treatment is generally suggested to couples both having infertility problems. Low cost Embryo donation program in India at medically advanced infertility hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad is an extremely safe procedure, with all embryos undergoing proper diagnostic screening prior to transfer. In the procedure of embryo donation programe all donated embryos are frozen and quarantined for six months. They are also tested for infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis. Genetic testing is also performed on all donated embryos to reduce the chances of genetic diseases or chromosomal defects. Embryo donation is typically less expensive than other types of reproductive treatments. The embryo donor receives no payment for the embryo; however, you must pay the clinic or agency for storing the embryo, testing the embryo, and transferring the embryo into your uterus. You may get more info on the procedure of embryo donation programe at Procedures of Egg Donation

Embryo donation programe in India can be of great benefit to couples facing specific fertility problems. Embryo donation is commonly used when both partners are experiencing infertility issues. Embryo donation is often pursued by couples experiencing problems with egg production and ovulation, sperm count and production. Embryo donation can also be used by couples who can’t afford or can’t pursue adoption, can’t afford more expensive fertility treatments and have been unsuccessful with other forms of ART. Embryo donation is usually less expensive than other ART procedures, like IVF. It is less complicated and expensive than adoption. Embryo donation can help patients having infertility problems to become pregnant and give birth within one year. Embryo donation, also at times called embryo adoption, entails the transfer of eggs previously fertilized by one woman's partner into the uterus of another infertile woman. From a technical point of view embryo donation is analogous to egg donation except that the donation takes place after fertilization. From a genetic point of view embryo donation is analogous to adoption inasmuch neither rearing parent provides the gametes; thus the child has no genetic link to the rearing parents. Whereas in theory both fresh and frozen embryos can be donated, in practice, most donated embryos have been frozen.

There are many surgical procedures available at Indian infertility treatment hospitals for the correction of all infertility problems, embryo donation program is one of them. India in association with medical tourism provides the best facilities for health recovery at an affordable price with standard quality. Out of all available surgical procedures Embryo donation program in India is suggested to be the best for childless couples both having infertility problems. The techniques used for embryo donation by Indian doctors are n accordance with modern medical guidelines. Medical treatment centers for embryo donation in India are at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. If you want detailed information about the Embryo donation program in India and discuss your case with infertility surgeons in India you may contact us by sending enquiries at: click here

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