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Vasectomy reversal in India

Infertility treatment centers for vasectomy reversal in India are successfully treating many international patients for past recent years. It is clearly visible from the success rate of vasectomy reversal in India. Vasectomy reversal is a medical procedure of reversing or neutralizing the effect of vasectomy in men so that they can become eligible for attaining fatherhood again. Success rate of vasectomy reversal is highest in younger patients with shorter sterile intervals. If you want to see patient’s response after his vasectomy reversal and his video showing his experience of getting treatment in India click the link: patient’s experience.

Vasectomy reversal in India has a good medical scope in the coming years. Vasectomy reversal is a microsurgical procedure to restore the flow of sperm through the vas deferens. In a vasectomy procedure, the vas deferens is cut and clamped. A vasectomy reversal involves removing the clamps and stitching the vas deferens together again. With the patient under local or general anesthesia, a 1-2 inch incision is made in the scrotal skin over the old vasectomy site. The two ends of the vas deferens are found and freed from the surrounding scar tissue. A drop of fluid from the testicular end of the vas is placed on a glass slide and examined using a light microscope. Since the testicle continues to produce sperm after a vasectomy, the fluid in the vas should contain sperm. Any pain that might be experienced after surgery can be controlled with oral medications. About 50 percent of men experience discomfort that is similar to the level they had after the original vasectomy. Most patients are back to normal routine and light work within a week. Urologists usually want their patients to refrain from heavy physical activity for about four weeks. Patient will be advised to wear a jockstrap for support for several weeks. He will also be restricted from having sex for at least two weeks. Patients generally recover fast after vasectomy reversal but the most important thing is to follow the guidelines as suggested by infertility surgeon.

The high rate of successful vasectomy reversal in India is a reality, but only in the hands of a highly skilled and experienced infertility surgeon. Vasectomy Reversals have become a fairly common procedure over the past twenty years due to dramatically improved success with microscopic techniques. Also the cost of vasectomy reversal in India is very less compared to that of the same treatment in abroad. This low cost of treatment in India doesn’t affect the quality of treatment. The surgery is performed by most experienced infertility surgeons in India.

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