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Arterial Disease Treatment done through Triple Artery Bypass Surgery in Bangalore

Indian Medguru Group has tie up with best Cardiac hospitals, wherein the far away patients all across the world come for Triple artery bypass surgery. Arterial disease treatment in India has made tremendous progress in the past few years. Here, you will get excellent, state of the art medical facilities at a price that is about 25 - 30 % lower when compared to the West. Recently, Mr. Ibako’s sister got Triple artery bypass surgery in Bangalore. He shares his experience with us.

Hi, I am Ibako from Nigeria. Recently my sister got Triple artery bypass surgery in India. I am obliged to my medical service providers – The Indian Medguru Group. I lost my sleep the moment I learnt that my sister was detected with multiple blockages in the heart. And to make things worse, I wasn’t getting the proper place to get treatment for my sister. She was told to get artery bypass surgery as soon as possible. On a friend’s advice I visited the site of the medical consultant in India called Indian Medguru Group, while I checked their website, I realized that it can prove a blessing for my sister, since the quality they promised for the Triple artery bypass surgery in Bangalore was simply the best. I immediately called them up and discussed everything. I got a very good response from them. They were very supportive and encouraging. They planned everything on earth pertaining to my sister’s Arterial disease treatment in India. One of the best cardiac surgeons in India examined my sister’s condition and confirmed that my sister was having blockages in three arteries so she needed triple artery bypass surgery.

During Triple artery bypass surgery, blood vessels were taken from another area of the body, typically the leg, and grafted onto the existing heart vessel before and after the blockage. It is not unlike a quick detour your car takes to avoid an accident, with the blood literally being routed around the blocked vessel. The number of vessels that are diseased typically dictates the number of grafts that will be performed. If three vessels are blocked and need to be bypassed, the surgery is referred to as a triple bypass because three grafts are performed. If two vessels are bypassed the surgery is called a double bypass, and so on.

I am glad that I came across Indian Medguru Group. They made everything very easy for me. They also assisted me with the visa procedure and the travel arrangements. I am very much impressed by the medical expertise of the medical team who performed my sister’s Triple artery bypass surgery in India. I must thank the guys of Indian Medguru Group, who expedited everything regarding my sister’s Triple artery bypass surgery in India. Hospital in Bangalore provided us with the best results and care by ensuring that everything is of the highest quality. Indian Medguru Group in India provided us complete wellness journey. State of art hospital of Bangalore and world class cardiac surgeons provided meticulous care during surgery avoiding complications. It was a great experience for me and my sister in Bangalore as the arrangements made by Indian Medguru Group was the best in Industry. I am very much thankful to the expert cardiac surgeons who were responsible for my sister’s successful Arterial disease treatment in Bangalore and to the caring staff of the hospital. And I wish to tell that Indian Medguru Group is the best option for getting Triple artery bypass surgery in India.

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