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Best smile makeover surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India

“Myself Tyler Smith from USA, I came to India for my Smile makeover surgery from the best smile makeover surgeon at ahospital of Bangalore in India. I suffered an accident few months before. I had lost all the prominent teeth in that accident. It was very shocking for me. My dental surgeon at USA suggested to get 3 multiple dental procedures but the cost of smile makeover surgery didn’t suit me Then a friend of mine told me about Indianmedguru Consultants in India who were offering dental recovery at a low cost. I told my case to them through emails and Dr. Bojwani came into action and talked my case from the best smile makeover surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India.

I was provided complte support and assistance by Indianmedguru for my dental smile makeover surgery in India. I went to India with my friend where we were given clinical care and dental treatment of an international level. The smile makeover surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India was also very impressive and caring charged me a nominal cost for my dental treatment at Bangalore. The wonderful professional staff and expert surgeons made my surgery a success. Now I had got new artificial yet natural looking teeth, no one can recognize that they are not real ones. The quality of my smile as now improved tremendously. I simply cannot find words to express my gratitude for the work done by Indianmedguru Consultants and I am also Thankful to the best smile makeover surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India who restored my lost smile and peace of mind.”

Tyler Smith

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