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Mrs. Johnson - USA
Body Lift Surgery in India

Mrs. Johnson - USA
Body Lift Surgery in India
Body Contouring Surgery in India - Reshaping your Mind, Body and Soul

body countering surgery, body countering surgery India, affordable body countering surgery India is advancing at a very fast rate in healthcare sector with thousand of medical tourists coming from all across the world for various medical treatments and surgeries including Body Contouring Surgery. Indian healthcare domain is now capable enough to deal with every kind of medical problem. Body Contouring Surgery in India is a revolution in the sphere of medical science. They include reduction of the size of the stomach through various surgical and non-surgical methods. Since India provides Body Contouring Surgery at an affordable cost, we see a sea of international medical tourists coming to have a good figure. India calls you to have it done perfectly at a low cost accompanied by a vacation time and still have ample money in your wallet when you make a move back to your country. Indian Medguru Group a pioneer in health tours has been rendering such services to countless of international patients with lots of care and professionalism. Recently, Mrs. Johnson from America was here for her Body Contouring Surgery in India; read more about her pleasant experience she had during her treatment.

Hi! My name is Mrs. Johnson. Through this piece I want to share the changes, the happiness and the confidence that I have gained after my Body Contouring Surgery in India through the most professional team of medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group and the medical staff who changed my life completely. Let me start by sharing a few facts about myself. I am from America and have been a little on the “thick” side all of my life. When I saw my saggy skin after going through a weight loss program, I was disturbed with all those extra skin hanging all over my body. When I consulted my doctor, he suggested having Body Contouring Surgery that can be a boon to me where I can get rid of my saggy skin and get back the shape of my body. However, the cost quoted for Body Contouring Surgery at my local clinic was too much to even think of getting it. I was really sad and disappointed, as my body appeared to be disfigured causing me to confine myself inside a closed room to avoid socializing and meeting people.

A couple of weeks later, I had all reasons to be happy to learn about Body Contouring Surgery in India. A friend of mine who is a medico suggested me to try my luck in India and informed me about how the Indian Medical Tourism industry has reached to its peak delivering high quality medical services at quiet affordable costs to the international patients of developed nations. He mailed me the article that he referred while informing me about Body Contouring Surgery in India. I read the article and came to know how Indian Healthcare units are turning out to be a heaven for developed nations patients like me who can’t afford to have expensive medical services in their respective countries. The idea seemed quiet lucrative, hence I browsed a lot over the subject and got satisfied to the fullest about having the same in India. Later I browsed for medical tourism companies and consultants who can arrange the surgery for m in India. Of all the medical consultants, I found Indian Medguru Group quiet promising, as I could see a long list of plastic surgeons, hospitals and other facilities they the company provided. I then finally called them up and discussed my idea about having Body Contouring Surgery in India. I mailed them my query; the response was good. They answered all my doubts and query I had for my surgery. The price they quoted for the surgery was good and quiet affordable as it came with so many things including the leisure package. So with all these positive things at the board, I accepted their package of Body Contouring Surgery in India.

When I reached for my Body Contouring Surgery in India with my husband I was very happy to see the arrangements done by my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group. Everything was going just as per the plans, reached the hospital where I met my surgeon. He discussed in detail about my case and told me that I was scheduled for my Body Contouring Surgery in India the next day itself. The Body Contouring Surgery started with marking my excess skin and fat bulges which were done in standing position. The surgery was done under local anesthesia. Contouring procedures involve making an incision in the least obvious part of the area to remove excess skin, and suturing the area with fine stitches to minimize scarring. With these types of procedures, scars are unavoidable. Liposuction may be used in conjunction with some procedures. Because of the significant amount of skin to be removed during Body Contouring Surgery, there are greater associated risks than with standard cosmetic surgery. But thanks to my skilled and experienced surgeon, my surgery went smooth and accomplished with the desired result.

After my Body Contouring Surgery in India, tubes were usually placed in the wound to drain excess fluid, and medications were given to control pain and discomfort. I sensed a certain degree of soreness, swelling and bruising which lasted for just one week. As I was recovering after my surgery, I took all the care my doctor advised me. Now I am fit and fine and would therefore thank everyone especially my medical consultant Indian Medguru Group for arranging my Body Contouring Surgery in India.

Thank you,
Mrs. Johnson

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