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Canadian Patient gets Successful Ovarian Drilling Surgery in Bangalore India

This is an experience of an international patient Julia from Canada. She came across Indianmedguru Consultants from the Internet and got an Ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India. She chose Indianmedguru Consultants because she knew she was in safe hands. She said “I would like thank Dr. Bojwani for meeting my all needs concerning health recovery during my Ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India. Right before coming to Indian Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani gave me full information about the procedure and advantages of the surgery was in detail. The surgery itself was very smooth and short. I was not responding to weight loss and fertility medications, so I was recommended ovarian drilling surgery. Partial ovarian drilling had been reported to restore regular ovulation cycles so I agreed to get the procedure. Ovarian drilling surgery in India cost me a less amount of money. The hospital was very modern, very well equipped. One should say ultramodern. I was given the best of treatment for Ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India . I wish Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru all the best. May it develop into the world’s best institution, which gives physical and spiritual health. I liked the cordial environment of the Indian surgery hospital. The medical staff is very supportive and co operative. I faced a lot of difficulty before my surgery but now I have got rid of it. My experience of Ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India was very good and after the surgery I am very happy and satisfied”.


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