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Ms. Lucy, Nigeria - Atrial Myxoma Surgery India

Ms. Lucy, Nigeria
Atrial Myxoma Surgery India

Cardiac Failure treatment in India – Most preferred medical destination for global patients all around the world

angioplasty, echocardiography, cardiac treatment India Cardiac failure treatment in India is available with high end medical facilities. It comes with quality service. Indian Medguru Group is one of the leading medical tourism companies of India, which organizes such treatments including Cardiac failure treatment in India. In the past few years, we have proved ourselves in the field of medical tourism. Every year we assist countless patients who take back home not only their good health but positive memories about their treatment and stay in India. Recently, Ms. Lucy from Nigeria was in India for her Cardiac failure treatment in India. For Lucy, cardiac failure came on gradually. She felt drained and washed out. At first, Lucy thought she had the flu. Her doctor treated her for the flu. But Lucy was still "dragging." She shares her experience with us.

Hi, I am Miss. Lucy. I am from Nigeria. Recently I had my Cardiac failure treatment in India. Few months back I discovered that I have Cardiac problem. I would need to stop and catch my breath after walking half a block. Climbing the stairs of my three-level home left me winded. It was huff-puff, huff-puff after any activity. I would have an ache in my chest. Just rolling the garbage can out, I would have to rest for three to four minutes. I consulted my doctor back in Nigeria. After conducting certain tests including Echocardiography I was diagnosed with Cardiac Failure. My cardiologist told me to continue to restrict salt consumption and take prescribed medications to control the fluid retention that can accompany heart failure. The doctor told me to rest whenever I fell tired. It was indeed very discouraging to be told that nothing can be done. But I never felt sorry for myself. I can't deal with negatives. So I thought of changing my cardiologists. Could not find a single doctor back in Nigeria who had solution to my problem. But still I did not give up. I consulted my problem with my cousin. He insisted on taking me to some other country for my treatment. My cousin asked his friends and their family about viable treatment option at different countries. My cousin was surprised to know hear that maximum people preferred India and also many had their surgery in India. So he googled about medical tourism in India and Cardiac failure treatment in India. Came in contact with a medical consultant called Indian Medguru from India who offered Cardiac failure treatment in India. Checked their website, and decided to seek their help regarding my treatment. Emailed my condition, and rest just went happening; they collected my report, got back to me with the expert opinion pertaining to my Cardiac failure treatment in India. Considering the entire pro and cons I gave my consent for my Cardiac failure treatment in India.

Angioplasty is the most common surgical procedure that is used for Cardiac failure treatment and which was used in my case too. The procedure involves inserting a catheter into a blood vessel and threading it into the artery that is causing the heart failure. An extendable stent or a balloon is inflated pushing the plaque aside towards the arterial walls. And my entire Cardiac failure treatment was performed very smoothly. I stayed in the hospital for about a week, and returned to Nigeria.

Recovery after Cardiac failure treatment was pretty fast, the doctor only advised me to maintain my diet properly. Low cholesterol low calorie food with regular walks was recommended by him since it would expedite the process of the recovery. No smoking and no alcohol. Losing weight, reducing caffeine intake, being more physically active etc are the other important factors that help in fast recovery after Cardiac failure treatment. Stress hampers the health putting additional exertion on the heart muscles, so stress management can play an important role in regaining the health of the heart. A huge applauds to my medical consultant the medical team who successfully performed my Cardiac failure treatment in India

Thank you
Ms. Lucy

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