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Cardiac Failure Device Implant surgery under world renowned cardiac surgeons in Chennai

cardiac failure device implant surgery Chennai, cardiac surgery Chennai, cardiac surgeons Chennai Mr. Raymond’s mother was suffering from cardiac arrhythmias and the doctors in Nigeria suggested her for Cardiac failure device implant Surgery in Chennai. They had no hope for the treatment in their own country because of the inadequate Medical facilities and insurgent situation. Mr. Raymond decided to travel to India and get his mother’s treatment in India. On going through internet he found about Indian Medguru group, the best in India for medical tourism. He contacted Indian Medguru and furthermore everything was easy for Mr. Raymond.

Hi, I am Raymond from Nigeria, completely happy and satisfied with the services provided by Indian Medguru in respect of my mother’s Cardiac failure device implant Surgery in Chennai. My mother could not get her treatment back in Nigeria so I was looking for better option and our doctor told us to go for the treatment in India as it’s the best medical tourism hub. I found about Indian Medguru group during my internet search for medical treatment in India. I contacted them and the company assistant helped in arranging the entire treatment and surgery for my mother’s Cardiac failure device implant Surgery in Chennai. They managed to get doctors appointment, accommodation and other thing required during our stay in Chennai for my mom’s Cardiac device implant surgery. I and my mother reached Chennai airport where one of the company assistant came to pick us up for the hotel. Next day our appointment with one of the best Cardiac surgeon in India was fixed who resolved all our queries related to the surgery. The cardiac Hospital was equipped with all the modern amenities and staffs out there were highly educated and caring.

During cardiac surgery, Cardiac failure device implantation involves making an incision below one of the collarbones. The leads will be placed into the heart through the vein that runs next to the collarbone. Up to two leads will be placed inside the heart. One lead will be placed in the ventricle (bottom chamber) and one may be placed in the atrium (top chamber), on the right side of heart. During the operation, routine electrical measurements of the heart will be made to be sure that the leads are positioned correctly. After the leads are in place, they are connected to the implantable Cardiac failure device. The device will be placed under the skin in the upper chest. The physician may trigger the heart to beat rapidly, and then use the implantable Cardiac failure device to deliver a shock to the heart and stop the rapid beating; this is done two to five times to make sure the implantable Cardiac failure device functions properly. A chest x-ray is performed after the procedure to be sure the leads are in the proper position.

Post Cardiac failure device implant she was shifted to another room and was under medical observation for two days. There after she was ready to get discharged. I would definitely recommend Indian Medguru group for Cardiac failure device implant in Chennai as they provide service to the patient that is best. Cardiac Surgeons here in Chennai are trained abroad and have ample experience. The cardiac surgery Hospital of Chennai is of international standard with latest medical gadgets and best medical staff. Post treatment my mother has no complains and she is living her normal life. So if you are looking for treatment related to cardiac diseases then go for Indian Medguru for international standard treatment at affordable price.

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