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Dr. K. B. Grant (Pune)

Cardiology Surgery Dr K B Grant Ruby Hall Clinic India Dr K B Grant is the founder, Chairman and Managing Trustee of Grant Medical Foundation, the institution that manages Ruby Hall Clinic. Being the Head and Chief Physician & Cardiologist of Ruby Hall Clinic, this vivacious eighty-five year old Cardiologist is one of the first MDs in Pune.

Cardiology Surgery Dr K B Grant Pune,Cardiology Surgery Hospital India Dr. Grant started Ruby Hall Clinic in 1959 with 4 beds and has been the driving force since then. His vision and dedication has facilitated Ruby Hall Clinic's multifold growth from a 4 beds nursing home to a 550-bed hospital.

Cardiology Surgery Pune India,Cardiology Surgery Dr K B Grant Pune India Dr K. B Grant is a pioneer in the field of medicine in many ways. He was instrumental in bringing the latest technology to Pune - Cobalt, Angiography, Angioplasty, CT Scan, MRI Scan Bypass Surgery and the latest addition being the linear accelerator with Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) -the only one in the whole of India and southeast Asia

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