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Dr. Prasad Krishnan (Bangalore)

Cardiology Surgery Dr Prasad Krishnan Manipal Hospital India Qualification:

Cardiology Surgery Dr Prasad Krishnan Bangalore,Cardiology Surgery Hospital India Consultants
Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgeon at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Cardiology Surgery Bangalore India,Cardiology Surgery Dr Prasad Krishnan Bangalore India Achievements:

Dr. Prasad Krishnan started his career in 1990 with Greenlane Hospital in New Zealand, which is a renowned Cardiac Institute. He has also worked with other world renowned and prestigious institutions like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland clinic in the US. His clinical excellence lies in the areas of Mitral valve repair, CABG, complex congenital heart disease including neonatal heart surgery for both adults and children. He has performed over 9000 open heart surgeries with excellent results. Over 50% of his patients have been children with complex congenital heart disease. He has performed surgeries in patients ranging in age from the premature newborn to 85 years age and from 2 kg babies to 110 kg adults. He has also performed over 200 mitral valve repairs.

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