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Dr. Shoaib F. Padaria (Mumbai)

Cardiology Surgery Dr Shoaib F Padaria Jaslok Hospital India Qualification:
M.D., D.M.(Card)., FACA.(IJSA)

Cardiology Surgery Dr Shoaib F Padaria Mumbai Consultant:
Interventional Cardiologist Jaslok hospital, Mumbai

Cardiology Surgery Hospital India Member:
  • American College of Angiology
  • British Cardiac Society
  • Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions, USA
  • Asian Journal of Clinical Cardiology
Cardiology Surgery Mumbai India Clinical Posts Held:
  • At King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. March 1983 to August 1988.
  • At Brook General Hospital, London, UK. January 1989 to November 1990.
  • Clinical and Research Registrar in Interventional Cardiology.
  • At Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, UK November 1990 to November 1990.
  • Fellow in Peripheral Vascular Interventions. At Miami Vascular Institute, Miami, USA. January 1991 to February 1991.
Cardiology Surgery Dr Shoaib F Padaria Mumbai India Papers Published In International Journals :
  • British Journal of Clinical Practice. Volume 47, No 4, 1993.
  • Long term safety and tolerability of Transdermal glyceryl trinitrate, when used with a patch free interval in patients with Stable Angina.
  • British Medical Journal. 1991 : 302 ; 555 - 60 Swift Trial. Should we intervene following thrombolysis. Trial of delayed versus elective intervention versus conservative treatment after thrombolysis with anistreplase in acute myocardial infarction.
  • British Heart Journal. Abstract Issue, 1991. Elective versus follow on Coronary Angioplasty. Results in District General Hospital.
  • Pfizer Publications - Monograph on Amlodipine
Cardiology Surgery Dr Shoaib F Padaria Mumbai India Visting Cardiologist:
  • Welcare Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Pandya General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya.
  • Hindu Mandal Hospital, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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