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Dr. Somaya (Mumbai)

Cardiology Surgery Dr Somaya Breachcandy Hospital India,Cardiology Surgery Dr Somaya Mumbai,Cardiology Surgery Hospital India Consultant:

Dr Somaya is a consultant – cardio thoracic and vascular surgeon at the Cumballa Hill Heart Hospital, the Breach Candy Hospital, Masina Hospital, and the B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital in addition to the Bombay Hospital. He is also consultant – cardio thoracic and vascular surgeon for His Excellency, The Governor of Maharashtra and the Mumbai Police Force.

He has established the first vein clinic in India in which all types of venous diseases are treated specially laser management of varicose veins. He has been a visiting fellow in cardio thoracic surgery to the Texas Heart Institute with Dr. Denton Cooley. He was also the visiting professor in transplantation at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre and the Brigham Hospital, Boston, USA.

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