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Mr. Ibako, Nigeria
Heart Surgery India

Mr. Ibako, Nigeria
Heart Surgery India
Cardiomyopathy Surgery in India- Efficient Treatment for Cardiac Patients

pacemaker implant surgery India, pacemaker implant surgery, heart enhancement pacemaker surgery India Mr. Ibako a Nigerian citizen whose sister was suffering from heart problem known as Cardiomyopathy. He visited one of the best cardiologists in Nigeria for his sister’s treatment. Her doctor conformed that his sister needs a Pacemaker implant and he advised him that her sister can get it implanted in India under the assistance of Indian Med guru Group. The Cardiologist told Mr. Ibako that his sister will get the best treatment under Indian Medguru Group which further arranged Mr. Ibako and his sister’s tour to India for Cardiomyopathy surgery in India.

Indian Med guru Group assisted Mr. Ibaku getting his sister’s treatment in India and provided all the medical and other facilities required during their stay in India. Furthermore Mr. Ibaku says “My sister was having heart problems, experiencing severe chest pains past few months.We have been visiting many doctors back in Nigeria. After 3 months, we were able to get the appointment of one of the best cardiac sugeons back in Nigeria. On visiting the doctor he anounced that my sister was suffering from irregular heart beat problem known as Cardiomyopathy. He told me that my sister needs to get a Heart Enhancement Pacemaker Implanted. But the bad news was that the surgen was bussy for the next 2 months and asked us either to wait for the surgery or can opt for other countries for the surgery. My sister was in real bad health so waiting was not an option at all. I contacted the doctor again for some advice to go for which country for the surgery that would be both good in quality and affordable to our pockets. The surgeons gave me the contact information of Indian Medguru Group in India that provides various medical treatment facilities to Nigerian patients in order to get the best cardiac treatment.I contacted Indian Med guru Group through its website which provided all the information I was looking for. Indian Medguru Group made all the arrangements for me and my sister to visit India for the treatment. Indian Medguru Group referred my sister to one of the best cardiac surgeons in India who furthermore took care of the treatment.”

Pacemaker implant surgery was done using a local anesthetic. The surgical procedure included these steps: An incision was made for the pacemaker. (This may be on either side of the chest or in the abdomen).The leads were inserted into a vein and guided to the heart. The leads were connected to the pacemaker. The Pacemaker and leads were tested. The incision was closed. The pacemaker was programmed. The entire procedure for Pacemaker implantation took about 2 hours. My sister was instructed to fast before 10-12 hours of the surgery.

Mr.Ibako further adds that “After the surgery my sister was shifted to another room which was well furnished with all the amenities. My sister was in the hospital for two days an then the doctor told me that she was fine and was ready for discharge. I am thankful to Indian Medguru Group for my sister’s successful Cardiomyopathy surgery in India. They provided us accommodation at best hotel and the charges was too less in comparison with other countries. I will definitely say that Indian Medguru Group is the best for Cardiomyopathy surgery in India”.

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