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Chain of private hospitals is offering tertiary level super specialty care and affordable Parotid Salivary Gland Tumor Surgery in Goa and Kerala

affordable parotid salivary gland tumor surgery Goa, affordable parotid salivary gland tumor surgery Kerala, affordable parotid salivary gland tumor surgery India Chain of private hospitals in Goa and Kerala is offering the best option for Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery at affordable cost, which attracts many international patients. Indian medical fraternity has encouraged and build many international medical institutes in India which helped medical tourism in India to grow at fast pace and provide efficient treatment to international patients at comparatively low cost. Mrs. Daula from Bangladesh visited India for her son’s Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery in Goa. She is sharing her experience with us.

“Hi, I am Daula from Bangladesh. I am very much grateful to Indian Medguru Group as it provided us the best services during my son’s Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery in Goa at reasonable cost. My daughter Sabrina contacted Indian Medguru Group and was satisfied with the information they provided. She searched through the internet and found that Indian Medguru Group is the best medical tourism company in India. I even spoke to the surgeon before leaving. Everything went exactly as arranged. The hospital was fantastic, like a 5 star hotel with service to match, the staff and doctors second to none. I heartily recommend Indian Medguru Group and welcome any questions from prospective medical tourists.

The Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery procedure generally takes one hour. Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery was performed under general anesthesia. The doctor makes an "S" shaped incision in front of the earlobe down to the neck. Thereafter, he or she removes the swollen area of the parotid gland. A thin plastic drainage tube is placed in the wound to remove excess fluids, and next the doctor closes up the incision. The wound normally heals quickly, leaving behind a faint scar. Patients typically feel pain and discomfort for 24 hours after Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery, but by the end of a week, the wound is normally pain-free. The drainage tube is removed 2-3 days after the surgery. Most of the swelling also resolves by this time. Stitches or clips used during parotid gland removal surgery are usually removed 5-7 days after the procedure.

Post surgery my son was shifted from the ICU to a well furnished room with T.V and all the latest amenities one can expect for. I was pleased with the services of the medical staff and with the assistance of Indian Medguru Group made our medical tour hassle free. What was so great about our experience wasn’t just the relief of knowing what was happening, but also being able to get everything he needed in one place. They’re also great at education. Indian Medguru Group has tie ups with chain of private hospitals offering tertiary level superspeciality care and affordable Parotid gland tumor surgery in Goa and Kerala. I had a great experience dealing with Indian Medguru Group and very much satisfied with its services. I will definitely recommend Parotid salivary gland tumor surgery in Goa to other people also.”

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Mrs. Daula

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