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Ms. Brenda Lewis - USA
Cosmetic Surgery in India

Ms. Brenda Lewis - USA
Cosmetic Surgery in India
Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India – A perfect amalgamation of wellness and leisure

cosmetic laser surgery, cosmetic laser surgery India, cosmetic laser surgery America Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India is known to have a perfect amalgamation of wellness and leisure packages. Here the global international patients can get both cosmetic solutions to keep their body alive and young along with perfect rejuvenation through getting opportunity to visit world heritage sites and mesmerizing places. Global patients coming for various medical and cosmetic procedures including Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India get cost effective solutions through most excellent and professional expertise. These are the reasons why Indian Medical Tourism industry is making waves, and thus has made India as the most preferred healthcare destination. Indian Medguru Group is a healthcare consultant working since quiet sometime in catering medical services to international patients. We have carved our niche with ace professionalism and integrity, thus every year hundreds of global patients get treated through our network. Unlike so many, Ms. Brenda Lewis from America had come down for her Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India; she had great time during her treatment here and has shared her experience in the following piece.

Hi! This is Ms. Brenda Lewis from America. Just lately I had my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India through country’s best healthcare consultant- Indian Medguru Group. Indeed, words cannot explain how happy I am now with the service they rendered to me thus making my face free from scars and the ageing predominantly seen. With such a face, I generally avoided going out and kept aloof inside my home. It really hampered my confidence level and all I did was to curse God making me like this. However, I tried consulting some local beauty experts and cosmetic surgeon, who opined to have a Cosmetic Laser Surgery, to get a new face. However, the cost I was quoted really seemed beyond my limits. I therefore accepted to live with this reality of having weird face and moved ahead living with this disorder. Later, amidst such life, one day I got a call from my friend who knew how frustrated I was. She informed me that Indian Medical Tourism has made things possible for people like me who cannot afford exorbitant costs. She gave me the contact info of Indian Medguru Group – a medical consultant who is into the business of managing medical and cosmetic treatments including the Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India.

I wasn’t very positive about this idea, as having my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India really seemed impractical, since I hardly knew about this country and its people. However, on my friend’s insistence, I checked the website of the Indian Medguru Group. The moment I started reading the stuff over their site, my negative thoughts seemed turning positive. The more I read the more convinced I seemed, as I could see number of patients like me from America having various cosmetic treatments including Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India. I checked their packages, they too seemed tailor made coming with good facilities and cost pretty less than what we see in America. I made my mind to call them up and discuss my surgery plan in India. Therefore, I mailed them my query along with photos of my face with the particular scars and ageing lines bugging me. The response was quick, the executive from Indian Medguru Group, explained me the procedure of having my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India, along with affordable package. He listened to me and explained the process at length. With several communications, I applied for my medical visa and soon left for my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India.

On reaching Delhi for my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India, I was thrilled to see very good arrangements made by medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group. Right from the doctor, to hospital to the medical team to my food to other needs, everything seems to be in place and order. The surgeon who was scheduled to treat me was a genuine person; he gave me his full attention, care and time whenever I required. While the people from Indian Medguru Group showed that their work and attitude towards me was simply the best! I can’t believe that someone could be so genuinely nice and caring! The other day my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India was scheduled. Sharp at 10.30am I was taken inside the treatment room having chit chat with the surgeon. I was so calm and composed in his presence, thanks to his great attitude and nature. Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India is a new non-ablative treatment that works simultaneously to repair collagen in the dermis, or deepest layer of the skin, while gently erasing signs of aging in the top layer of skin. This exceptional laser treatment selectively delivers amplified pulses of light to the dermis, which causes injury, followed by subsequent repair and stimulation of the existing collagen. Since the epidermis is rarely damaged by this laser facial treatment, there are no visible signs that the skin is being rejuvenated as occurs with other traditional ablative procedures. This procedure is carried five sessions, while every session taking 30-45 minutes time spaced in around two week’s time. Thus my surgeon carried my entire session for Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India with utmost care and it took around an hour to accomplish his job with perfection, with little downtime, minor discomfort, and minimal risk

As I finished my Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India, I returned to America, and now with this procedure my entire face glows. There is no sign of ageing anymore. Indeed, everyone was very professional, yet loving and caring, which is a rare combination in today’s medical environment. May God bless them all for carrying out an excellent Cosmetic Laser Surgery in India!

Thank you,
Ms. Brenda Lewis

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