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Mrs. Anderson, Dubai
Rhinoplasty India

Mrs. Anderson, Dubai
Rhinoplasty India
Cosmetic Nose Job done in Bangalore on Middle East Citizen in India under Skilled Surgeons

My wife was running low on confidence as she was not happy with the way her nose looked. She was planning to get a nose job from the last many years. We finally decided to go ahead with the plan and got her cosmetic nose job in India, when one of our friends told us that Indian cosmetic surgeons are very good and the price is also quite reasonable. When I surfed the internet, I came across the website of Indian Medguru Group. The information provided by them was satisfactory so without wasting anymore time, we contacted them. The executives at Indian Medguru Group were very coordinating. They arranged my wife’s cosmetic nose job in Bangalore. I also accompanied my wife to India. The facility at the hospital was state of the art. Honestly speaking, we were not expecting such great medical facility in India. The medical facilities were pretty much the same that one will find in Western countries. Our medical journey to India was peaceful. Indian Medguru Group was very receptive form day one. Our every single query was answered in detail and with great enthusiasm. The doctor who performed my wife’s cosmetic nose job in India was highly skilled. After getting cosmetic nose job in India, my wife’s confidence level has risen. We are highly satisfied with the result and will definitely recommend India to all our friends back home.

Thank you,
Mrs. Anderson

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