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Cost Effective Pineal Gland tumour International patient India

I am Mr. Sohail Haroon from Malaysia and I came for my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery in India through IndianMedGuru consultants. I was experiencing many problems like headaches especially in the morning, frequent vomiting and I also was not able to concentrate properly and felt drowsy many a times. I always wanted to undergo a surgery but I was not able to gather money for my surgery as the fees of the doctors in Malaysia is very high. As I am an Indian I knew that there are good medical service providers in India and knowing this I started searching for a good medical services provider in India and came across many medical tourism companies of India.

but chose three of them including IndianMedGuru consultants and started enquiring them about my surgery as I wanted the best and the most affordable service provider. As the conversation went on I was gaining faith in this company and fixed my appointment with a doctor in India for my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery in India and got the best of medical services for my surgery. After my surgery I am cured fully and do not have any problems like drowsiness and weakness, etc. After my surgery I went to visit many places like the govt. museums and some monuments. My trip to India was a very successful trip and I have enjoyed being to India. I want to thank the doctors for providing me such good medical services for my Pineal Gland Tumour Surgery in India and I will always recommend any person to get their surgery done through this medical tourism company from India.

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