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Economic Treatment for Spinal Foramen stenosis under best Doctors of Ahmedabad India

Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad and Nagpur is the best solution for the patients who are suffering from back pain with spinal problems. This not only comes at an incredible price but also is catered with state-of-art-facility and quality same as delivered in the western nations including the US and Canada. Indian Medguru Group is one of the leading medical tourism companies in India. In just couple of year’s time, we have emerged as a brand in the domain of medical tourism. Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home amusing memories. Recently, Mr. Ricky Sablet had his Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. He shares his experiences with us.

Hi, to, introduce, I am known as Ricky Sablet, I am from America, Recently I had my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad, which was nothing but a life time experience for me, since traveling abroad that too for a medical treatment like Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad was indeed a big deal for me. But I was compelled to take this step as was bogged down by my back ache. It hampered my life all together, leaving me dejected and confined to my bed room. With such pitiable situation, I consulted my doctor. After hearing me, my doctor did some physical tests, he suggested me with an option of Spinal foramen stenosis, but it seemed beyond my capacity. My doctor then asked me to find some solution over the internet, as I requested him about options abroad with affordability and quality as important factors. He suggested me to find solutions for my back pain by trying Spinal foramen stenosis in India since he knew the medical consultant Indian Medguru Group that provide medical treatment and surgery at affordable and low cost but without any compromise to its quality. After visiting their website, I thoroughly browsed it and soon realized that it would be worth to take a chance of having my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad and Nagpur.

I therefore, e-mailed my query along with my medical history and also enquired couple of things about having my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. Luckily, I got the call the very same day from the executive of Indian Medguru Group. The executive discussed my case at length with their leading doctors regarding my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad; he offered me some affordable packages. I found it worth opting, and thus gave my consent for my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. Thus I applied for the Visa and soon getting the same, I booked my tickets and reached for my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. From the moment I reached for the said surgery, the treatment and hospitality that I received was terrific. I was picked up at the airport by an executive of Indian Medguru Group. He welcomed me and was very pleasant; I was then driven straight to the hospital where we met the doctor who was scheduled for my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. I happened to visit the hospital which was indeed a good place for my treatment. I realized that I am at the right place and got confident for the positive outcome, the meeting with the doctor too made me more positive.

Soon I reached for my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. And the moment I stepped inside the hospital and met the doctors, stuff etc happended, I was convinced I was at the right place. My treatment commenced with no further delays. Surgical treatment of Spinal foramen stenosis revolves around a laminectomy of the involved area. This surgery is sometimes called a “de-roofing” procedure because the overlying lamina (the “roof”) of the spinal canal is removed, thus relieving the stenosis. The idea is to give the contents of the spinal canal and the dural sac more room, thus relieving the stenosis. Surgical failures most notably occur when scar tissue grows into the laminectomy area causing a “dural scar” or a “stenotic scar” which then can cause the same problem as the original stenosis. Depending on the extent of the spinal stenosis, surgery may remove enough of the supporting structures of the spine that support needs to be added. In these cases, a spine fusion procedure will also be performed in order to prevent problems with instability of the spine. My entire Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad went smooth.

After having my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad my doctor recommended some medicines for pain witnessed for a while and also recommended few exercises to continue for effective recovery. With these recommendations, I returned to America, and was seen strict to this recovery course as instructed by my doctor who performed my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. My medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group, deserves all applauds; indeed they proved to be true professionals while expediting my Spinal foramen stenosis in Ahmedabad. I am fortunate to get them for my treatment. I thank them a lot, and my doctor who treated me in India, and would certainly recommend them and any medical treatment there.

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